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Christian Dating Sites
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Are you a Christian who is looking for a soul mate that shares your Christian beliefs and values? Then, you will be glad to know that there are many Christian dating sites where you can search for Christian singles who are responsible and will not think that there is anything wrong with maintaining a chaste relationship. Many conventional singles online dating sites are known to register different kinds of people who may not have the qualities that you are looking for in your future partner.

The major problem with many singles online dating websites is that a lot of the members are far from being truthful. With Christian dating sites, you may not experience so much lies.

A lot of members tell utter lies when providing the following information on their profile:

• Age – This is perhaps the most perpetrated crime by a lot of members in their dating profile. Most people lie about being older (this is applicable to minors) and many others lie about being a lot younger (this is applicable to mature singles, senior citizens and those who are in denial about how old they really are).

• Marital status – A couple of married people actually lie about being married.

• Location – This is also a common lie told in many singles online dating communities. Some people are given the impression that they are in a relationship with a person who resides in the same state, only to realize that the person they have been dating for months does not even live in the continent! With Christian dating sites, you may be a little at ease knowing that the other person knows that he/she would be committing a grave sin, if he is being untruthful with you.

• Physical appearance – This is also an area where members of singles online dating web sites lie through their keyboard! There is really nothing wrong with being a short, bald or plus sized person etc. but uploading another picture instead of your own is beyond wrong!

• Profession – many people paint a big impression about the real nature of their line of work. Some people have been known to lie about being in the medical field, some have lied about being investment bankers, models etc. there is nothing wrong with being a waitress/waiter, bussing tables, gas station attendant or not having a high paying job. But "lying" about it, what makes it wrong.

Members of Christian singles online dating sites know that building a relationship on a foundation of lies is a waste of time, because it would collapse. With Christian dating sites, relationships are built on the principles of the word (the bible)

If you are a Christian who is interested in dating a Christian like yourself, you will be glad to know that many singles online dating webpages offers Christians the chance to search for and meet single Christian men or women who are interested in building committed relationship based on the principles of the bible. There are even sites that offer singles of a specific denomination the opportunity to connect with singles of the same denomination.

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