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Craigslist Spam Or Real Person - How To Tell The Difference
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If you have ever posted in the craigslist personals section you know first hand how bad the spam problem can be. It's exciting to open up your email and see a lot of responses to your personals, but in most cases most of it is probably spam. Here are some indications that the email you received is spam. Some are easy to spot, others are a little more subtle.

Generic Response

If they don't mention anything specific to your post in their email then most likely it's spam. There is a chance that it might be a real person who just sends out a generic email to every personal they reply to.

They Don't Use Your Special Word

Whenever, you post on craigslist you should tell people to reply with a certain word in the subject line. You can tell them to reply with their favorite color in the subject line, today's date, their favorite move, etc. It doesn't really matter. You just need to have something. This makes it very apparent who read your post and who didn't. Also, if they don't reply with your word in the subject line this is a very strong indication that it's spam. I have yet to receive an email from someone who followed my instructions that was spam.

Join This Site

If the first email you receive from someone is them asking you to join an adult verification or adult webcam site then just hit the delete button. No matter how attractive the person is! You will never meet up with them. They are just out to make money by getting you to sign up for the site. Often times you don't even have to become a paying member for them to get paid. Some of them get paid just for you to get sign up for a free account or even just visiting the website. Don't reward their annoying behavior.

Weird Email Address

If you look at the email address you got the mail from and it looks like a random string of alphanumeric characters or a name followed by a random string of alphanumeric characters then it's probably spam. I have a suspicion that they have software to auto create a bunch of email accounts, that way if an account gets shutdown they just use another account. I think they might also use it for tracking purposes to see what email works the best.

Different Reply To Email Address

Another thing to check for is to see if the reply to email address is different from the email address you received the email from. No normal person would send an email like this. This is spam.

Just use these simple tips and it becomes very simple to tell which emails you receive in response to your craigslist personal are spam and which ones are legit.

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I am doing research and have a question about this. My boyfriend of almost 3 years received an email today from craigslist with the subject: Lisa (last name) 28 location and saying Life is too short, no regrets! I was not spying, he handed me the phone, but when the email came up he grabbed the phone and deleted it saying it was only spam. I have done a ton of searching on the internet and nothing talks to spam coming in with a subject line like this. Am I being lied to? Please provide your thoughts. Thanks!

  about 3 years ago
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