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Dating Has Changed Dramatically
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Dating Has Changed Dramatically

Over the past ten years or so dating has changed a great deal many people do not have much patience or time to date in the conventional way such as meeting in a cafe or pub and so forth .

Lifestyles have changed and most of the time our choices are different from those of our parents as they stayed together through thick and thin even though they were not happy and some had secret affairs, but online dating gives others a choice of what they like and some sites cater for all needs which is great as it saves time and disappointment, what ever your taste it can be found with the click of a mouse which gives ambiance to the whole meaning of online dating and choice which is more than our parents had in their day online dating was shunned and was deemed for older people who were looking for companionship really.

But some people are still ashamed of being on a dating site i suppose some stigma still exists for some, some people are adamant that they will not join a dating site and guess what? in the end they do join a dating site and they love it some say especially women that they feel alive again they love the fact they can dress up take their wardrobe to a new level clothes that just hung there are being worn they say they love the complements they are given, from a man even if that date goes nowhere.

Online dating gives some people a sense of purpose they no longer feel like they will be left on the shelf in fact it takes away insecurity especially if someone has left a relationship of which was toxic of which may have left them feeling low about themselves.

The whole dating experience may be the tonic of which some people need and they can find people who share similar lives as them and for people who find it hard to date in the community or who are shy in coming forward then online dating is a blessing for them.

The blessing has new meaning to most people it gives them the motivation to go on many dates until they meet the right person be they be a geek, voyeur, someone who is into fetish, dogging you name it it can be found on a dating site with no shame involved at all meeting like for like is special you do not feel alone or feel shunned and it can be completely your secret your secret life and who need know? What ever makes you happy is the key to contentment in life.

Some people still crave the old fashioned way dating but it maybe written in the history books in the future and become the stuff of a romantic factual book.

J Clarke.

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