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Facebook Match Dating Tips - Not For The Heartbroken
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In this article, I will try my best to give you some really good Facebook dating tips. Whether you are single or you really want to get your ex back, these tips I will be giving is your Facebook use only, so please don’t attempt to try them using other social networks. You will see why in a minute.

As usual, I’m always down to help heart breakers and those that think their situation seem hopeless. And even if your situation is not hopeless and you think you’re it, it’s best not to seem that way. Truth is, you are what you think, ok.

Facebook Dationg Tips 101

Firstly, when you’re sexy, you’re sexy. You don’t have to announce it every time you upload a new photo. Also, naked pictures of you may impress, but it will impress the wrong crowd and will result in getting private messages that are sexually insulting or even worst- a stalker. So, make sure you are careful.

When you are interested in someone, that means someone else may be interested in them and they probably receive message all of the time. So, with that being said, it’s imperative you stand out above the rest. How do you stand out? Your profile has to stand out, and I’m talking about your picture. Again, no naked pictures.

After they look at your profile picture, they will go straight to your about me page. Be as creative as possible without being too serious and no cursing. Make sure you mention these 5 things:

1. No relationship status

2. Sex

3. Religion

4. Birthday

5. Add a short bio about yourself

Everything is vice versa here. If you were the one searching, you’d want to look for all of these things. Mentioning you’re single ensures that you are desperate. Make sure you disable this part, so that they can be curious in finding out if you are or not.

Knowing the gender is good; because it lets you know whether or not that person is gay or a transsexual.

Knowing a person’s religion will give you a sense of wholeness, because some people will not date outside of their religion. It’s just good to know whether or not that person has the same views as you do.

Some people are really into zodiac signs and believe in what is meant to be type stuff. Knowing a person’s birthday will automatically help you know what you are up against, what kind of personality they hold.

When you read a person’s bio, look for key interest and what they write about. Both of you may be into music or Journalism. These types of things matter when looking for someone that is ideal to you.

I wouldn’t say look at whether or not they graduated from college or high school, because even drop outs can become wealthy. So, no don’t focus on that.

Once social proof I will tell you is a secret, but since I’m your friend, I will tell you anyway. Pss, take a few pictures with nice looking girls or boys around you and all of you are having fun and laughing. This will get their attention right away, because it shows that people like you. Also, if you have a really cool hobby, show it in your pictures. If you have picas with celebrities, show them to.

The number one tip is make sure your Facebookl page is private and doesn’t allow random folk to check your page. This will definitely get them curious and will get them to request you as a friend.

Final Thoughts on the Subject

If you are in a broken relationship and is looking for new people to date, because you hate being by yourself, I'd say this is the wrong approach. Don't go searching for someone new because you can't stand being alone. All you're going to do is bring old relationship problems to the new one, and that's not what you want. Work it out with your ex by applying the right moves and don't even think about sounding desperate either.

What are your thoughts and please share:-)

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