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Getting Women Interested In You On Social Websites
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Getting Women Interested in You on Social Websites

I grew up in a big city where there is always plenty of women around. Years ago I was able to walk out my door and just start having a conversation with a women or with a group of women. This was long before the social websites evolved it was so easy to talk to women. Especially if they were in groups. Just introduce yourself, meet them, mingle in their group and have fun with them. So, if you are mingling and having a good time with them the defenses slowly come down. You gain a little trust. You didn’t have to have much charisma to do this, but it was just a natural instinct to meet people. Why should you treat women any different because they are pretty and gorgeous and you have a crush on them? Relax, have some fun it will come to you. Then women would start to feel comfortable around you. As long as you were not being an ass you were good.

Women defense’s are always up. Today, yesterday, and tomorrow. That will always be. Aren’t your defenses up? Bring yours down and she will feel it. The same philosophy is true in the social websites. You must have the capability to bring women defenses down. This consist of a simple recipe. Be yourself, be sociable, not to talkative, just be cool but you are still adding to the decor of the atmosphere without being outstanding. Now! if you have that splash, the demand to be the man, those leadership qualities? Then world is your oyster. Just take over the party, God bless you! That is a rare trait. By all means make it happen. We are all not blessed with those attributes. Otherwise, just have some fun with the group and the rest would take care of itself.

Hey! Lets face it “Wimps don’t get Women”! Man up! It’s in you. It’s in every man, just has to be bought out of you. I practiced. I didn’t care what a women response was. I would go out and just try to talk to women. Eventually, It gave me confidence, I learned what to say and what not to say. Got to throw your hat in the ring! So much has changed since then. The social websites have taken over. I’ve been on several social websites. Then I realized that I must take the subtle approach. You don’t want to scare them away. See, this is the thing, same principle applied when I use to walk out my front door. Once you get a women’s defenses down you have a good chance of her liking you and even better, you dating her. Oh! My Bag! You’re a player? Play on playboy! You already have a method to your madness. Just make sure you put a glove on it, lol Now the websites

You are setting up your profile. Setting up a profile takes schematics. It is your web, your bait, your cloak and dagger. You want women to bite your hook and bite hard. If you’re not making your profile attractive or, Ok, I’ll say it! A trap, so to speak, so women will come in but will not want to leave. You must make it seductive. Because that is your purpose to seduce. You must have a least 4 to 5 pictures that show your personality is well rounded. A picture should show you with a suit or a blazer. One should show you mingling with some friends having fun. Preferably with a group of guys and girls. Next, showing some hobbies that have your interest. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand words. . Read the passage that this women wrote:

“If you are looking for a fun, affectionate, spontaneous, romantic female, then your search ends here. I enjoy the beach, sunsets, boating, concerts, Broadway shows, comedy clubs, or just cuddling with that special person on the couch. Looking for my best friend, lover, partner to share these with, and take us through all the ups and downs that life has to offer. Still want to go skydiving. Any takers? That would be one heck of a first date!!!!! Update on skydiving. I finally jumped out of a perfectly good airplane on 6/27. It was definitely an experience I will never forget!!!! Have been told that I have a great sense of humor and always a sucker for a good conversation. If you like what you see and read, drop me a line and just maybe we can get off this site together.”

Wow! You say to yourself. She sounds nice! Nice looking lady, good taste, sky diving! I would love to do her . Seems like we are a good match. When you read profiles that you like and you notice that your profile is not compatible then adjustments must be made. You want to read women profiles that interest you and align yours accordingly. Make a adjustments to your profile once in a while. Women do it, you should too. Social websites tend to be little harder to make an impression on women because your not standing in front of her. Women are making a decision based on the bio you wrote. And, trust me guys, women have become great at reading bios and reading between the lines. They have read your bio and dissected you like a frog. Your profile must be tight. Spend a little time on it. Make sure your pictures are not blurry. Soon enough you will become a master at this. There are a lot of good women out there, lonely women, all types just waiting for you. It’s yours, just have to go get it, plan in hand!

I'm a bookeeper by trade from New York City. As a youngster I was always enthused about writng. I wrote short stories, poems and excelled. I got away from this hobby as I got older but the love was still there. As I examined internet marketing I saw that this will give me a chance to write agan. I am looking forward to enhancing my career as a writer. I want to thank Street Articles for giving this opportunity. I feel at my age I will become a better writer in time. Want to learn more about getting women interested in you on websites? click here to check out my blog:

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