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How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile
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How To Write A Good Online Dating Profile

If you are new to online dating, or have even been online dating for a while and haven’t had many enquiries you might be wondering if it’s related to how well you’re online profile looks. There are a few main aspects of an online profile that help you to stand out from the crowd, as well as attract the right type of people to your profile.

You need to have a fair bit about yourself to help others see if they like who you are as a person. Because if you don’t write anything about yourself or what you want in a partner, then people will just go by your photo. This will also give potential partners the impression that you’re not interested in a series relationship; that you will settle for just anyone.

So start by making a short list of your qualities and what you have to offer in a relationship. Then with each quality, write a sentence of an example of that quality in the past. So, instead of saying that you are outgoing, write a sentence that is an example of you being an outgoing person in the past.

For example, if you are outgoing, you might say: "When I go out with my friends for a night out, I enjoy initiating other conversations with strangers who we meet". This helps for the person reading your profile to picture that attribute in their mind with the scenario you give. So by writing a sentence for each of your qualities, you should have a nice few paragraphs for people to read and learn about you. This will also give potential prospects more to choose from when they want to start an email conversation with you.

If you don’t want to attract other people who go out drinking or partying, then make sure you change it to something like: "When I go out to learn more at a self development seminar, I enjoy initiating conversations with the other people I meet".

It's also important to make sure you choose a good quality photo for your profile. Most online dating websites have the ability for you to upload several photos too. Depending on the type of person you want to attract, it will vary to what type of photos you should use. But always have your main photo with you dressed professionally, neatly groomed and must be smiling. All other photos you upload should be smiling as well. When other people view your profile and you’re smiling, it shows that you enjoy life, are approachable and look easy to get along with.

The other photos you upload can also tell a story of your life so far, or be photos of things you enjoy to do. So if you enjoy travelling, put up photos of you from different countries. If you like the sports, then a photo of you playing sport would be good. If you like the outdoors, then show that by having photos of you bush walking, cycling, jet skiing, whatever it is you enjoy most about the outdoors.

With the section that says for you to write what you want in a partner, you need to make sure you fill this in. This is important in getting the right people to contact you. I’m sure you don’t want just anyone who could waste your time and theirs contacting you if you won’t be right for each other long term.

Now this is similar to the part where you talk about yourself. You will need to make another list that includes all the qualities you want in a partner, and then write a sentence with each quality, painting the picture of what it would look like. For example, if you want someone who likes to travel, you might say: "You share my joy of travelling to new places and insist on trying that particular cultures food while we are there, because you are open to new experiences as well". If you are adventurous you might say: "When I go to a theme park and line up for the roller-coaster ride, I would be pleased that you are right beside me rubbing my back to calm my nerves".

Another important things is to never be negative about your past relationships in your profile, as I found it a turn off for me. It's more attractive to just talk about the positives in your life. The past is the past, if you had some troubling relationships in your past, let them go and know that a new relationship is going to be completely different.

But please try and be creative with your profile, take your time with it, especially if you desire to find “The One”. Because you want to make it as appealing to them as possible so that you can show off all your great qualities and personalities by describing them as best you can. When I was dating online, I would find it hard to email the person I liked when they hadn’t said much in their profile for me to talk about. I would also only choose people who were smiling in their pictures because they looked very friendly. But hopefully you enjoyed these tips and can increase that chance of finding the right person for you.

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