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The Pick Up Artist , Goes He Really Exist ?
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The Pick Up Artist

I noticed about three months ago about all these dating sites online , because I am single and I work out of my house. There is not much comrade when you work alone , maybe that's why I have decided to shoot portfolio’s of girls for free as a photographer. The subject of this article though , even vague as it will be is about , The Pick Up artist or PUA , pronounced,” pooahhh”, which stands for Pick Up Artist in their own slang. You may say what the heck do you know about being a pick up artist and I will inform you ,online research, Books I have read, and videos, I have been amazed at how they worked in my life. Yes, we are in a new era, there are these men and now women who have ,”Game”, that is they play the bars and the high-end clubs to score phone numbers and eventually sex from top ten women, and or model type ladies and girls.

The question here in lies , is this real, that some bald , fat man with a cigar hanging out of his mouth can pick up a ,”Paris Hilton” , well in my studies , yes. There are videos on you tube on the internet that show real life situations in which a guy who actually isn't too bad-looking , going up to strange women , beautiful women, and actually getting them to lay a kiss on him and give out her digits, or even worse she asked for his cell phone and puts her number in it. I do not have the websites listed , yet look around guys , wake up, we have been taking a ride for centuries , and the Pick Up Artist is good and its a learned trait anyone can learn. The question is can you follow through with it.

The follow through means , finding the target and then playing your inner and outer game, with the unsociable young beauty and then getting her to blow off these football player guys for you, how is this done? Easy , I say , you make a spectacle out of yourself and amaze the hell out of the crowd around the girl or girls, by either a necklace that has a large pendant on it, that just is so un cool, yet likeable, or wear something that flashes and attract attention, because that is why you are there is to attract. This is one aspect of the pick up artist and getting women, there are so many , I would have to write a book. I have a website that I update with ideas that links to this article below, click it and laugh with me and wonder also can I do this?

The good news, do the girls know that these guys are picked up artist, Yes the men will even admit this in front of them and say ,” How am I doing “, usually the girl would say,”Your usually not the kind of guy I would like , yet there is something about you.” I've seen it at least 20 times, the same response to these guys who are short , some skinny and ugly, and they walk out with these rude jerks. Yes, rude jerks , that’s one reason, women are attracted to men who are not whiners or sympathetic, even though they do want this in their man also,. The nightstand where your girlfriend reads , if she does, possibly has a novel of mystical prince's and places soft back novel, where these mysterious worlds that women like, the unknown, yet not too over unknown,there is a fine line. To walk this wire you must understand a woman’s thoughts and they are not really that complicated, and Yes I have tried what I have learned and I am in my forty's and picked up two 26-year-old girls , not at the same time one day next for the other, so the system works, if you work it.

I am not going to try to sell you any books or e books on this , the market is shattered with them and you probably have one if you are reading this article. No shame involved, just seeking the knowledge like I was. There are some really interesting things you can learn from these guru's and some can help you in business, so they are not harmful. There are some that get into the hypnosis of the act of getting a girl, yet still under hypnosis, you would not do anything different, than if you were not under it. I will sum this up keep track of my blog on the Pickup Artist and some of the kingpins out there making a lot of our money telling us the psychology of women, and start using it, even if it's with your wife, you will find a happier spot in business and in life. Christopher Hyer 1.29.2011

More Information right here please click I am a man who enjoys photography and now writing about some of my life's experiences and times I have had. The pick up artist is one area in which I used to be no good at, now I have no problems in getting dates, I hope you enjoy my articles.

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