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An Online Education: Is It The Right Path For Everyone?
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This is my personal description of my online learning experience that led to my bachelor’s degree. It was such a challenging but enriching experience and one I shall never forget. I hope this article helps people who are considering taking classes online but are unsure if it’s the right path to take in earning their degrees or learning new skills.

I am an avid learner. I am passionate about gaining knowledge and learning new skills. When I reached my 40’s, I contemplated returning to school to earn my bachelor’s degree. But I faced obstacles such as job and family responsibilities, the lack of time and money, and the low confidence of being an older student in a sea of much younger students.

I started researching colleges and noticed many colleges were offering online classes. I was not sure if taking classes online was the right path for me. I researched more classes that were offered online and discovered that degree programs were being offered online. I spoke with counselors from a couple of universities. After the online class process was explained to me, I initially thought that no employer or anyone else for that matter would take me serious sitting at home at my computer taking classes leading to a degree. After much deliberation, I decided to enroll into an online class and thus began my 2 1/2 years journey into an online education towards my bachelor’s degree.

An online education may not be for everyone. The classes are challenging and it requires discipline to focus on studies. Online classes are convenient. You can enter the online class at any given time – before leaving for work, on a lunch break, and on the weekends. Can’t sleep for some reason? Enter into the online class and read a chapter, work on an assignment, or post a comment or question to the instructor or classmates.

Online learning requires much discipline. Being an adult learner, it seems the odds were already stacked against me because online learning requires motivation. Initially, it was difficult to become motivated after a long day at work and tending to home responsibilities. With little supervision, it can be easy to slack off or procrastinate. The online learning environment requires discipline, motivation, and focus.

Online learning also requires knowledge and use of computer technology. Computers, computer software, and cell phones are needed in order to communicate effectively with instructors and classmates and get assignments completed in an orderly manner. Acquiring knowledge and skills in an online learning environment presents a great opportunity for students to receive a quality education.

Forthcoming articles of my experience will be presented on I hope this article as well as forthcoming articles will help someone decide if an online education is the right path to follow to receive a degree.

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