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Dangers Of The Internet
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Dangers Of the Internet

The internet is a vital part of everyday life. It has become so prominent that most cannot live without it. When the internet connection fails, business ceases. Fast food chains, coffee shops, and even department stores advertise free WI-fi for customers. The smart-phone is now a necessity with competitors scrambling to develop the next best phone. The internet is everywhere and used for practically everything. It is no longer necessary to rely on word of mouth to find the best restaurant; just Google it. Grandma's secret recipe is not longer secret; it is likely pinned on Pinterest. Every waking moment of our lives are recorded on Facebook. Piece together enough tweets and you may be able to read the latest bestseller. Any possible configuration of statistics is available on ESPN. The internet is booming with information and has taken the world by storm. Yet, is it all good? The obvious answer is an astounding "NO!" Learn to be cautious on the internet for your sake and especially the sake of your children. Note the following dangers of the internet.

Immensity of Information

Ultimately the immensity of information is one of the positive features of the internet, but it also poses a danger. The primary danger lies in trusting incorrect information. With so much information and the ease with which it is to post online, it is difficult to know who and what to trust. Sometimes knowing a person's credentials and experience doesn't make the decision any easier. Blogs and online forums make distributing information easy for even the novice of internet users. Create an account on Wikipedia and you can create and edit encyclopedia-type entries. Information on practically any topic is available at your fingertips, but beware of trusting the wrong information. Check a couple of sources and read the author biography. When searching sensitive and critical information, find the experts and depend on their information and analysis.

Rise of Identity Theft

Identity theft is at an all-time high. Lenders have been forced to create and hire entire departments dealing with fraud and identity theft. Purchasing identity theft protection is getting easier and finds many more options than just a few years ago. Many people have decided the best option is just to never purchase anything online nor bank online. That is an extreme measure and not the most practical. Many items are less expensive and easier to find when purchased online. How do you know who to trust? That is a difficult question to answer. The best option is to know who you are buying from. Are they an established company? Have had an online presence for long? Are they a large, respected company? Do they consistently demonstrate high online revenues? Chances are if you are able to answer these questions in the affirmative, the company is viable and safe for online shopping. This does not mean there isn't any risk, but the risk is extremely low and not much higher than using your credit card in the store.

Power of Pornography

The pornography industry has reached unparalleled heights. Years ago pornographic material could only be purchased from certain convenience stores or through the mail, selection was relatively small, and concealment was limited. Obtaining "hardcore" material such as videos was even more difficult. Minors had to be creative and typically rely on others in order to get their hands on anything pornographic. Today, the industry and its content are easier to obtain and view than ever before. The internet has propelled the pornography industry to new heights, wreaking havoc in the process. Millions of pornographic sites are available with the click of a mouse ranging from "soft-core" to the most disgusting of fantasies. Minors are no longer safe from the dangers of pornography. Men can view in secret without any need to hide a video or magazine. Marriages are destroyed everyday as a result of this growing problem. Employers are forced to install filters and monitor internet activity. Recognize this danger and be prepared to address it whether you struggle or someone you know does (utilizing valuable resources).

The internet is a valuable resource and one that is used everyday. Like everything good, there are dangers. The presence of dangers doesn't negate the good nor require absolute abstinence. Rather, the presence of dangers requires discernment. Recognize the dangers, understand them, and institute a plan to avoid them. Use the internet in confidence benefiting from its value!

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