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What Is The Best Type Of Heating System For Your Home
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Whether you’re deciding on a heating system for a new home or an existing home that needs a new heating system what should you be looking for in the heating system. Hopefully we will be able to help with this question.

With a new home the best type of unit for heating is a hydronic heating system with a energy efficient boiler that is at least 87% efficient, but preferably over 96% efficient. The baseboard heating units can be low profile high output.

When you want to install Air conditioning in your home a hot air furnace should be installed so that you can use the ductwork for heating and air conditioning. If a hydronic system is used than ductwork has to be installed also. With air conditioning you have to install a condenser unit also.

The type of energy that should be used with your heating system at this time is natural gas. We have found in the northeast USA that natural gas is the most low cost energy source available. In our house when we upgraded our hydronic boiler we switched from oil to natural gas saving 1/3 on our heating bill over the first year.

The gas company installed the gas line for nothing, because we were switching from oil to gas. We received energy credits that amounted to about 970.00 dollars, because the unit we installed is at least 85% efficient.

There are some companies in Albany NY that are working on solar electric panels where electric baseboard radiation is installed, but the cost of the system is well over fifteen thousand dollars making it’s payback for the system over 20 years.

Another system that is used is drilling holes down in the earth about 200 to 300 feet and putting piping in the holes with glycol in the pipes that is heated by the earth and running the glycol through a heat exchanger to draw out any heat there is in there to use as heating.

In the ground the temperature is at least 55 degrees, the number of holes very depending on what you want to use the heat source for. The way this system works is if the temperature that you get in the ground and run through the heat exchanger is 55 degrees you want to have heating at say 70 degrees so you only have to raise the temperature of the water on a hydronic system by 15 or 20 degrees to get the desired temperature.

Drilling the holes in the ground finding enough area to install this system is very costly and time consuming. The solar electric system will be energy efficient but the cost to install is prohibitive. So I think the best heating system for heating a home is either a gas hydronic boiler or in the case of wanting central air conditioning is using a gas furnace with condenser unit. Both units should be gas fired at this time to save money on the cost of energy.

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