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4 Key Qualities Of WoW Power Leveling
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In World of Warcraft, you may find yourself struggling to reach level 85. Maybe you’ve just started your first character. Maybe you’re starting out on a new server, or maybe you just love leveling alts, and are addicted to WoW Power Leveling. Whether you’re a complete beginner, or a seasoned WoW expert, you will definitely want to make sure you’ve got these 4 keys down to reach level 85 in record time.

1. DPS – Also known as Damage per Second. You should have a talent spec and gear that maximizes the damage you deal. Every class has a damage dealing spec, and those with multiple specs will have one that stands out above all the others. Choose this spec, and pick the talents to maximize your damage dealt, while gearing up to stack the stats that that spec favors for you. For example, plate wearing classes will want to load up on strength, while mail (after 40) and leather wearing classes focus on agility, and cloth classes focus on intellect. That is their primary damage stat. WoW Power Leveling is completely dependent on your ability to take down your targets as quickly as possible.

2. Survivability – How much experience can you get when you’re dead? Zero. How much experience do you earn if you’re running away for your life? Zero. No matter what class you play, you have options within your talents to increase your survivability. For example a Paladin’s Sacred Shield, or a Druid’s Survival Instincts. If you have pets, then they should take as much damage as they can handle, while you sit back and attack from afar. WoW Power Leveling is only effective if you are able to stand and fight. In regards to gear, stamina is your friend, as well as a high armor value on the items you pick up. If you don’t have any self-healing mechanics, make sure to pick up First Aid or Cooking to help you through down time between fights.

3. Resource Regeneration – Each class has a damage resource. Whether you are using mana, energy, rage, focus or runic power, you want to maximize the way you regenerate these resource pools. If your class has a talent that gives you the “replenishment” buff, you need that talent. If you have any abilities such as clear casting, life tap, or mana drain, you will be using them frequently. Without these resources, you will be unable to execute your special abilities, and will quickly lose efficiency in killing strategies. Learning to manage these resources is absolutely necessary for Power Leveling in WoW.

4. Questing – You will receive most of your experience through questing. Whether you are doing solo quests or group dungeon quests, the rewards of gold, experience, and equipment are your greatest boost while Power Leveling in WoW. You need to find the most optimal leveling path to complete your quests in as little time as possible.

I have reviewed several WoW Leveling Guides, and the one I prefer is Manaview’s Booster. In addition to their add-on with the optimal questing path, their member’s area includes gearing, talents, and attack rotations for every class to maximize leveling speed.

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