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Benefits Of The Tillers Faction In World Of Warcraft
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Benefits Of The Tillers Faction In World Of Warcraft

Who are the Tillers

Mists of Pandaria has seen a variety of new factions introduced into the game and among them are the Tillers faction who've brought with them a whole new aspect of the game for players to experience.

The Tillers are a small community of farmers who can be found tending to vast lands in the Valley of the Four Winds. There are some great rewards and benefits to gaining reputation with the Tillers but it has to be said they are one of the more difficult and time consuming factions to gain reputation with.

Why bother with the Tillers anyway

By becoming friendly with the Tiller faction you'll be awarded your own ranch with land for you to farm and grow your own vegetables and further benefit as the game develops and you gain more reputation with them.

Reputataion can be gained for the Tillers by completing quests for them and running errands for certain NPC's. Players will get started with the Tiller faction by speaking to Farmer Yoon at Sunsong Ranch who will have some small tasks to get players used to tending their patch of land.

Benefits of the Tiller Faction

The most significant benefit is being able to tend to your own crops and grow your own foods to use in recipes and use for little buffs later on in the game. A lot of recipes will be comprised of ingredients that you can grow so you wont have to buy in the ingredients to make the recipe or buy the food outright.

Players will also be able to advance their cooking skill a lot faster as they complete various different cooking quests for the Tillers faction.

Harvest materials for professions

Players can also yield materials for professions from their farms which can be both useful for the player directly and profitable. As players learn more about the Tillers faction and earn more reputation they can purchase better seeds and equipment and grow better crops.

Enjoy your own land and ranch

The most gratifying part of being handed your own ranch will be the sense of pride it brings. Players have been calling for homes to be introduced into the game for a long time and although this doesn't quite answer that call it does allow players their own ranch and land to tend to.

Some players may feel there's better strategies for World of Warcraft and better ways of passing time in the game and push it aside as a spin off of FarmVille or something similar, but it actually brings a unique angle to the game for players to enjoy and once you set a routine it needn't take that much time to tend to your farm on a daily basis.

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