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Cataclysm Gold Making Guide - Mistakes To Aviod While Farming
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What's your gold status in World of Warcraft? If you don't have at least the 280% riding skill on all characters and can't afford at least a few epics that can be found for sale at the Auction House, then you need help. The best helper for you, as it was for me - a Cataclysm gold making guide.

The Cataclysm gold guide I've been working with not only that has taught me how to farm gold like any other elite WoW player, it also helped me to identify and correct the mistakes I did while farming. Here are 3 of them:

1. Choosing the wrong mobs. If you want to start a farming session, grinding on certain mobs for certain valuable loot, always choose the mobs that drop at least 2-3 valuable items, not just one resource. For example, if you're a skinner and you want a certain type of leather, go to a camp with beasts that also drop some valuable meat.

2. Not checking the AH prices of what you're about to farm. How stupid is to go to a forgotten corner of World of Warcraft, spend 2-3 hours farming on some mobs, knowing that the recipe or whatever valuable item they drop has a high price, only to find out afterwards that the prices have dropped and you've wasted time? So, always check the price of what you want to farm.

3. Starting an instance farming session with your bags full. Usually, the creatures in most of the instances have a rich loot table and after 1-2 runs, even if you go with a completely empty inventory, it will get filled up. In case you forget to empty your bags before starting, you will waste a lot of time sorting the loot or destroying the junk.


Although I've been more like an old fashioned WoW player, getting my gold by farming on mobs or gathering resources, the Cataclysm gold making guide has shown me that I was doing this in a less profitable way.

The best method to make gold in WoW, in the days of Cataclysm is Auction House trading. However, it's not exactly for everyone, because you need a little bit of training for it, otherwise you will make bad investments and lose your gold.

That's the main aspect the Cataclysm gold making guide I've been working with has taught me.

Therefore, if you want to make enough gold to be able to afford almost everything in the game, even own a full collection of expensive pets or all the posh mounts that gold can buy, the best helper is a World of Warcraft gold guide. It worked for me, it will surely work for any other fellow player.

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