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Discover 3 Excellent Solutions For Farming Gold In Cataclysm
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When it comes to farming gold in Cataclysm, many players claim that they know their stuff, they don't need anyone to teach them any method to make gold in World of Warcraft. Sadly, what they say it's only partially true.

Most players limit themselves to 2-3 gold making methods, which, of course, bring on only limited amounts of gold. Now, I'm asking you, wouldn't you like to know more about farming gold in Cataclysm? And not just money for your daily consumables and repairs, enough gold to buy every epic item from the Auction House and even super expensive mounts like Vial of the Sands and the Mechano-Hog?

Here are 3 solutions for you, and for each solution I'm going to provide a solid example. In fact, by the time you've finished reading this report, you'll be already one step closer to making buckets of World of Warcraft gold.

So, here's what you need to know.

1. Combining Auction House trading with crafting. I'm pretty sure you are aware that many players involve themselves in Auction House transactions to make profits. Some of them really are gurus of this method, but to make it work for you, it's vital to know the supply and demand for most items traded on your server at the Auction House. However, if you have a crafting profession, you can limit your research to whatever is related to your craft.

In other words, you must buy materials for certain crafts that you can make and and sell the final products for way more gold than the whole value of the materials you bought. If you know what to craft and when, you will get outstanding profits.

Example: The materials for the Fiery Weapon enchantment sell for really low prices on most servers. You will pay 4-5g for the materials for one enchantment. A scroll of Enchant Weapon - Fiery Weapon on the other hand, sells for up to 100g.

2. Gathering. Another excellent way for farming gold in Cataclysm is gathering. Most people say that only Mining and Herbalism are gathering professions, but I also include in this category Tailoring and Skinning. The last two require you to kill mobs to get the resources, but after all, you're still gathering stuff using a profession. Anyway, sometimes the Auction House lacks a certain class of crafting materials entirely and if you happen to have a profession that allows you to gather those materials, you will have monopoly and make huge profits.

Example: As a general idea, it's best to gather resources found in intermediate areas, where players don't spend a lot of time. The example here is for skinners. Since most players level up in battlegrounds from 60-70, using PvP gear, not many farm Knothide Leather. Therefore, sometimes prices for a stack can spike up to 200g.

3. Leveling Up. Ok, this might sound a bit dumb to you on the first look. But allow me to explain. Have you ever heard players whine that they don't have money to get flying skills? Or, have your guildies asked you for loans to get their mounts? That's because they spend their quest coin rewards recklessly. If you save every gold coin from quests, from level 1 to 85, you'll get enough for every mount skill.

Example: What I can give you here as an example, is my last leveled up character. From start to the end, I got all the money for riding skills without the need for farming gold in Cataclysm or in any zones in TBC or WotLK.

I sincerely hope these 3 solutions for farming gold in Cataclysm will work for you. I do admit that to learn these methods and a few others much more profitable than these, I've been working with a World of Warcraft gold guide. And yes, I don't care what others say, using a guide has really helped me to fully gear my tank and get the Vial of Sands I've always wanted.

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