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How To Level Up Fast In Wow - Tips For Power Leveling In World Of Warcraft!
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How To Level Up Fast In Wow  -  Tips For Power Leveling In World Of Warcraft!

How To Level Up Fast In WoW

Ever wondered how to level up fast in WoW? Sure you have, every player stops and wonders about this at some point. In reality, the fastest way to level in WoW is by joining guilds and groups to complete dungeons and instances, but this article will look at ways of benefiting the most from the usual solo-questing technique.

Assuming your leveling strategy is based primarily on solo questing and not dungeons or instances then there are a few of things you can do to ensure you're leveling efficiently.

Calculate Your Questing Routes

Firstly you're going to want to ensure you clear out all questing zones, by this I mean accept all of the available quests within each questing zone. You'll find some quests aren't feasible for the rewards they offer but they can always be abandoned at a later date.

By collecting all available quests you'll be able to cross-reference your map and calculate the best route to take and in which order to complete the quests to save back-tracking at a later date.

Don't worry about the items that are being rewarded from quests in the early stages of the game. This will make little difference and there's no sense in traveling across Azeroth to a different continent to complete just one quest for a new piece of armor or weaponry!

Grinding With Efficiency

Most people will go about randomly killing mobs they encounter throughout Azeroth, however when grinding to rack up XP you'll want to avoid killing enemies that are less than 1-2 levels below you. If you can kill mobs of equal or higher level then you'll rack up much more XP.

Gathering Professions

There's XP to be gained from gathering professions such as mine or and herbs, the added benefit here is that you can sell on your wares as well in the auction houses to fund your journey through Azeroth which is detrimental to any leveling strategy.

Resting Bonus

Here's a nice little tip for getting some extra XP that takes no time to implement yet is often overlooked by players! All you need to do here is make sure you are located at one of the many Inns located throughout the game (usually found in cities and large towns) each time you log out as you will be rewarded with a rest bonus.

If you have the Hearthstone then set it to the best suited location and update regularly as you progress through the game so you can easily teleport to the nearest Inn before logging off.

Wrapping it up

The WoW leveling tips mentioned above will certainly improve the speed at which you level, the primary objective should be to obtain all available quests in each questing zone and then calculating the most efficient route to complete the quests.

If any quests entail a long distance or reward little XP for the effort then you can always abandon the quest after you have accepted it.

If you're really looking to level some secondary characters quickly then you may want to consider a premium in-game leveling guide. There are also free add-ons for leveling in WoW but these will usually require you run a few in conjunction with each-other for the desired result and things can get a little messy.

If you're considering running various free leveling add-ons then do some research first in your favorite forums to see if people recommend the add-ons or have had experience with them so that you don't risk the chance of getting your account suspended.

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