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How To Test Video Games For Companies
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How To Test Video Games For Companies

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to earn a monthly income from playing games?

If you have considered it a possibility then you are dead on right, in fact you will be so surprised with what I am about to tell you about becoming a video game tester and making a full time income from this as a career.

You will jump up and down with overwhelming joy because this may be your dream job! I know that it was once mine and now it is a reality.

So what is a video game tester?

A game tester is someone who is hired by a gaming corporation, like EA, Ubisoft,Activision and many more to test new games that are in the development process before they are released out into the mass public.

Game testers are the last key factor to a successful game launch, the companies entrust you with specific games to be tested for errors and bugs.

The game tester will then report back to the company what problems, if any were experienced during game play.

They look for your overall opinion on whether the game was enjoyable or not,a video game tester is almost like a product reviewer except you get paid for your review.

Why do companies do this?

Well for years the gaming industry has provided people all over the world with unlimited fun and enjoyment so what these companies now see to be the best approach in assuring that not only will people love their games more.

but will keep coming back for more because of the outstanding quality and non-problematic experience of the game.

Companies will pay common people like yourself to test the game and ensure that there are no problems with it.

This is because when it gets released they do not want to experience a loss in sales from people complaining about the lack or problems experienced with the game.

This may lead to mass refunds or even worse the company can lose credibility with partners.

Major gaming companies know they will rake in millions in profit from a good game release that is why they place immense value on your opinion so much that they will pay you for it!

This is a perfect opportunity for people, who don’t want to work in a office and are bored with their job and if you love gaming than this will be very fun for you.

You can now enjoy doing something that you find very fun and get paid handsomely for it.

What I have outlined in this article for you is a new way for to get money playing games online and off.

Which is by becoming a video game tester and taking up 100’s of amazing gaming jobs all in the comfort of your home.

One thing you must understand is that normal people are making over $1000 per month working full time as a game tester, and part time gamers earn around $300-$500 weekly.

These figures all depend on how many jobs you are willing to take up.

At the rate this industry is growing,you will be overwhelmed with all the job offerings that will be presented to you.

I have written a article explaining fully how you can become a video game tester today!

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