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ISK Making Guide

About 9 months ago I was fed up of being poor in EVE Online and decided I needed to do something about it. I logged onto Google and started looking for tips/guides and information on how to make ISK in EVE Online. I found some great stuff and some rubbish but the guide I found and the one I've stuck with and like is the EVE Billionaire Guide.

Most guides I saw were poorly written by people that by all accounts and purposes didn't even play the game. Some guides I brought even told me to download programs that are against the CCP ToS and could have gotten my account banned.

Some guides told me to try and exploit bugs or game mechanics to make ISK. I didn't want my account getting banned so I never bothered with them and I like to know I made my ISK honestly.

EVE Billionaire is different. I purchased the guide late one night after a long browsing session. On opening the main guide (there are 4 extra guides that come bundled with the main guide but I'll get to them later) I found out that it was laid out in a way that I could understand and get going right away.

The guide tells you how to play the market effectively and not have to sit in front of your PC for 23 hours a day playing the 0.01 ISK game like most of the other traders. I was able to set asside a couple of hours a day and be profitable. I've seen reviews that say people make ISK on as little as 20 minutes a day. (The more time you put in I guess the more you get out, like most things)

After 9 months of using the guide (yes I stayed with it for that long) I am sitting now on 8 bil of ISK and about 4bil in ships, fittings and items to sell.

I was able to change the way I play EVE Online completely by using the guide.

I was saying before that it comes with 4 extra guides. They are:

  • PVP Guide
  • Trade Skills Guide
  • Niche Markets Guide
  • Scams Guide

I didn't read the scam guide as I dont agree with making ISK this way but its included for the people that do make ISK this way.

I now play EVE completely different than before as I don't have to worry about ship costs (I'm a PVPer so it used to worry me about replacing ships) and I am just able to get on with the game and enjoy PVP again.

I'm a huge EVE Online fan, I play everyday from about 8pm GMT with my corp out in 0.0 and love the way the game is designed. I love the learning curve and being able to make this much cash makes the game better as I can compete in the big leagues because I can afford the right ships that complement my PVP skills. :o) I like telling people about the ISK Making Guide because it makes the game so much more enjoyable and the more people that play (and the nicer ships they fly) makes my life as a PVPer better. :-) I found the ISK making guide very helpful.

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