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Rift Gathering Professions | Gathering Professions Outline
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The three Rift gathering professions available to choose from in rift are foraging, mining and butchering. These Rift professions allow you to gather raw materials to refine and later use in crafting. This quick Rift gathering guide will help you understand how the Rift gathering skills work and which ones to choose for your profession.

The first thing you need to know is what crafting skill you would like to gain raw materials for or are you going to choose three gathering professions so you can profit from your materials? The following is a list of the crafting professions which require gathered raw materials from the gathering professions.

  • Artificer: Mining and Foraging
  • Weaponsmith: Mining and Foraging
  • Armorsmith: Butchering and Mining
  • Outfitter: Butchering
  • Apothecary: Foraging and Butchering

Each of the three Rift gathering professions requires you to go to adventuring areas and look for nodes. Nodes for each gathering skill are different. Butchering requires you to kill creatures and skin their corpse. Foraging requires you to harvest plant and wood nodes. Mining requires you to find ore nodes. You should be able to level these up while adventuring.

Once you have gathered a good amount of raw materials from your Rift gathering professions you can then refine them. This requires the use of a crafting device. Crafting devices for each gathering skill varies. Butchering requires the loom to make hides, foraging requires the workbench for refining wood, and mining requires the use of the forge to smelt ore into bars.

To refine any item you receive from your Rift gathering professions you will need to obtain the recipe from your trainer. Different recipes are offered at different levels so make sure you keep checking back with your trainer to make sure your recipe book is up to date.

If you have out leveled your Rift gathering professions you might consider looking up a Rift Mining Guide or Rift Foraging Guide. Rift gathering guides are a great tool to help you figure out where you need to be to find nodes or corpses to skill up off of. They can also clue you in on when to get new refining recipes to maximize your skill up efforts.

All three of the gathering professions are a great source of cash. No one in particular is gaining more profit over another at the moment but the market is new and Rift has yet to see an expansion so we may see a change as more recipes come out.

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