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Top 3 Myths Wow Gold Making Myths - How To Really Start Making Gold In Wow
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Top 3 Myths Wow Gold Making Myths - How to Really Start Making Gold In Wow

Let’s face it. You’re broke, frustrated, and tired of scraping up change for every gear upgrade, mount, and alt, and wish you could just be better at making gold in WoW. However there is so much BS out there, and so many myths that are keeping guys like you from really making gold in WoW. Here are 3 such myths, that once you have uncovered them, you can start really making WoW Gold, and never have to worry about how you will afford that epic flying mount.

WoW Gold Making Myth #1 – You have to be level 85

I hate this one. I absolutely hate it. Anyone who doesn’t think you can make gold before level 85, is literally throwing away thousands of gold while leveling. There are two factors that really prevent you from making gold in WoW while leveling up. One mistake, is that you are quite possibly throwing away gold in your bags, or selling it to a vendor, when it can be making you so much more money on the auction house. I’m talking about meats and other “white” quality items that drop from beasts and other mobs. These are often used in cooking and other crafting professions, and it can be worth hundreds of gold even in your first 20 levels. Do yourself a favor, get a mule (bank alt) and mail everything that’s not grey to him. Put it on the auction house and cash in.

The second mistake that prevents you from making gold in WoW is spending too much gold while leveling. So many players waste time and money on gear upgrades that can really be taking the gold right out of your bank. Many players will try leveling up a crafting profession to provide gear for levels, or they feel they absolutely need to enchant their weapons and armor. The truth is, buying gear and enchants is a total waste of gold since you will be outgrowing that equipment in less than 5 levels. Get your gear in dungeons and quests. You could probably save 10k gold by level 60, and 20k leveling gold by 70.

WoW Gold Making Myth #2 – You Have To Have the Right Class for Farming

This is total bull. It’s true, that some classes are better farmers than others. However, each class has a DPS spec, and that means any class will be a sufficient farmer. And with dual spec, there is no reason not to have a DPS farming spec. Not choosing one will definitely set you back in your efforts in making gold in WoW. But there are more ways to farm than grinding elementals or shooting down humanoids for cloth.

Gathering, for example, is a very profitable way to make money. Mining and herbalism are not affected by what class you pick, unless you have a movement enhancing ability, but even then, the effect is marginal. So all in all, your class and spec are hardly relevant when you want to make WoW Gold.

WoW Gold Making Myth #3 – You can’t Make Gold by Crafting

This is half true. When you’re leveling, it’s better just to take two gathering professions. It’s quick and easy, and it gives you an experience boost for everything you pick or mine. By the time you reach max level, you will have a good store of gold built up. Now you can choose a crafting profession if you choose. Crafting professions are not recommended at first because they can require a LOT of time, energy, and money while leveling. You are better off at focusing on leveling your character first, then leveling your crafting profession later. There are also some nice combinations of professions that make make WoW gold better than any others. Enchanting, for example can be paired with any other crafting profession. If you can’t sell something you craft on the auction house, disenchant it and sell the dust, essence, or shard that remains. Every single item you find or craft will have a use, and finding that use will help you make more gold in the end.

If you have been a slave to these 3 myths, then I hope this article has opened your eyes. Making Gold in WoW doesn’t have to be painful, and it doesn’t have to be work. That’s what a good WoW Gold guide is for. Sit back, and start enjoying the game again.

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