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Warning: Video Games Are Life Threatening!
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Warning: Video Games Are Life Threatening!

Have you ever heard of the man who died from too much gaming or heard of a divorce over a video game? I surely have and if you're as conscious about news stories as well, chances are you have heard these stories too. Video games have become a dangerous game for many these days. We all remember when our parents were fighting us to "get off that damn game and finish your homework!" Should our parents have enforced that more or is video game addiction an over reaction? I have been playing these types of addictive games since I was 12 years old and can confirm that there are as many negatives as there are positives about this topic. What types of games would be considered addictive in the first place? In my opinion, any game that is online is a sure fire addictive game.

There are 4 games that come to mind when considering addictive and dangerous gaming. Those games are Everquest, World of Warcraft, Starcraft and Second Life.

Some would argue my point and say that they are just games. How can they be dangerous? Video games are exactly what they are, just video games. How can they be so detrimental to our every day lives?

I have experienced and heard many stories regarding game play and how it has negatively and positively affected players lives. Unfortunately, there have been more negative stories compared to the positive ones. They range from loss of friends to loss of jobs and for some, even the loss of their lives. This kind of danger leaves one thinking, what in the world could a video game have to do with death? Aside from just killing your enemies within a virtual fantasy world. There are many dangers that gamers are often faced with on a daily basis besides raiding the next threat in the world of Azeroth or Norrath, whichever you prefer.

I read that one mother blames Everquest and Sony themselves for the loss of her sons life. She claims that he neglected his "real life" and blocked all of his friends and family from his life. By the time they even knew what had happened he had committed suicide after being a long time player of Everquest. Surely, it couldn't be the gaming companies fault, or could it? She surely believes it is the fault of the companies and will not be persuaded into thinking otherwise.

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