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World Of Warcraft Economy Guide - Trading Items For Gold
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World Of Warcraft Economy Guide  -  Trading Items for Gold

World of Warcraft Economy Guide

The World of Warcraft economy is not your usual stop and shop associated with most online role playing games, in fact far from it! The World of Warcraft economy is a vast system that fuels itself through gold, banks, trading and auction houses.

Although there is much to the economy in WoW, the good news is that getting to grips with the system and familiarizing yourself with the various elements of the WoW economy isn't as complicated as it may first appear.

Firstly the demand for goods and wares in World of Warcraft is huge with no shortage of opportunity to cash in on the hungry market. The key to successfully amassing gold in the WoW economy is much likened to real world economy where supply and demand are the central focus.

As you progress through the game you will acquire a number of different items from questing and grinding. Some of these items you'll want to keep but some will be surplus items that you can sell on and turn a profit. The key here is to know which items are worth keeping and which aren't. The different items and their values is a topic to big for an article and something that you'll learn from experience but a simple guide to knowing which items are worth keeping is as follows:

Grey Items - These are the "poor" quality items with low demand and hold the least monetary value as they are common items that can be easily found.

White Items - These are the "common" items. Again there is low demand for white items and there monetary value is low.

Green Items - These are the "uncommon" items and are sometimes worth keeping as there is demand in the game for green items.

Blue Items - These are the "rare" items and are definitely worth keeping as they can fetch a reasonable price especially if you come across the right blue item!

Purple items - These are the "epic" items that can be hard to come by in World of Warcraft, if you come across a purple item then definitely bag it for yourself or to sell on. Purple items can fetch a nice pile of gold as the demand for them is really high with a low supply chain.

Orange items - These are the "legendary" items and are the hardest items to come across in WoW. Getting your hands on one of these items can fetch a nice payday. The demand for orange items is very high with a very low supply chain meaning you can barter like a pro and get some nice gold for your ware/s.

There are lots of other factors that make up the WoW economy but buying and selling items in the auction house is a great way to make gold in WoW, especially at lower levels of the game.

As you progress through the game and start to master your profession/s, you'll really start to see the benefit of the auction houses for buying and selling items both for making gold in WoW and to acquire the new itmes needed to master your profession.

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