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How To Clean House And How To Stay Organized
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There are ways to make it easier to clean your house and learn time saving habits to stay organized is not that easy. Especially if you are small apartment living and don't have a den, a home office, or even a place for a filing cabinet. There are ways to make new and helpful habits that result in an enjoyable living experience, even if it is less than your ideal vision of your ultimate home.

Papers! A Huge Space Wrecker And Safety Hazard

Junk mail is voluminous, every day. Yet much of it has your name on it, and other personal data. Ideally you have a shredder - the cross-cut type, to get rid of junk mail and other documents with personal data on them. Or, if you don't, perhaps there is one at your place of work you can use.

For bills and other statements you have to keep, usually the first page is the one you need. If no account numbers or your name is not on the other pages, throw them away.

Don't let envelopes stack up! Open your mail, throw or shred what you don't need, and then file flat pages. A small plastic filing drawer or tub that holds hanging folders can be placed in a closet or put under a beautiful plant. (Though make sure the plant has a good water catcher!).

You can find plastic or metal file tubs with handles. Keep your vital documents in one. Include:

  • your DMV records
  • car records
  • medical records
  • birth/marriage/divorce certificates
  • Social Security statements
  • insurance policies
  • passport(s)
  • extra credit cards
  • extra checks
  • cash stash if you have one

Fire and heat proof models are more expensive, but get one if you can afford it. Scanning your documents into your computer is not a bad idea, if your computer is secure, or if you copy them to a memory stick. That is something you can keep with you. Password protect the file!

In case of fire or flood you can simply lift it up and run! You will know that everything you need for ID and more, or for travel, is in there.

Electronic readers and library ebooks are other ways that will help you regarding how to stay organized. Your environment will be less cluttered on a daily basis.

As inconvenient as this sounds, the best way to clean house is to spot check as you go, especially in the kitchen. A quick wipe down after meal preparation saves a lot of scrubbing and sweating if you neglect this. It will also keep your dwelling less attractive to household pests.

If you do not have a window in your bathroom, make sure you have a fan, vented or not. This will help decrease moisture and decrease mold build up. A long handled brush makes cleaning a shower wall easy. THE BEST appliance, if you want to make cleaning easy, is a steamer with cleaning tools.

Steamers will save you from back wrenching scrubbing, though you must clean regularly. More than once a year. It will save you time and effort. You can reach high, into corners, and more.

These are just a few tips about how to stay organized and how to clean house. To help make your house your home.

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