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How To Gain More Clarity In Seting Your Life Direction
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The answer is simple: WRITE!

I know what you say: OK, but I don’t have time and, anyway, I can remember; also, to be honest, I really don’t like to write…

When thinking about planning our short or long term future, many ideas cross our mind. Sometimes there are thoughts vanishing so fast that we barely can catch them. We can make finally an idea which seems reasonable and think it is already clear: now we know what we have to do, which are our objectives, doesn’t matter if they are important life goals or current tasks.

However, memory is not a very reliable friend of us. We think we will remember for sure everything, but, going with the flow of daily life, we forgot easily even important things. When I was young employee, it happened to me to laugh of people in my office writing everything in notebooks. ‘What a waste of time,’ I thought, ‘isn’t it easier to remember instead of writing all the time what you have to do?’

Later I realized that writing is a very good habit. In this way you not only avoid to forget something more or less important, but also you gain much more clarity about everything you do and feel.

Keeping a to do list for current tasks and a journal of daily activities and thoughts makes you become more organized, have a clearer picture of what you are doing. Management of time improves and you become more efficient.

The journal is more than a simple tracking of daily activities; it offers you the opportunity to describe how do you feel about what happened to you during the day, about relationships and other aspects of life. Writing there all these things, you gain clarity and evaluate better what is good and what is bad in your life and can take decisions to make improvements. If you don’t analyze what is happening to you, bad feelings and unpleasant situations will get inside your subconscious mind and will become in time limiting believes.

The limiting believes are the result of suppressed feelings which block us in our evolution. For instance when we believe that we don’t deserve something – money, love or a simple promotion - or when we believe that we are not capable of doing something, it means that we are blocked by our limiting believes. These negative thoughts regarding ourselves have nothing to do with our real capabilities; they are just subjective opinions induced by some unpleasant situations occurred to us during our past. Maybe you were told during your childhood by your parents that you don’t deserve anything because you are not so good as your brother or were told by your boss that your colleagues are much better than you because they have better results or you fall in love with someone who don’t like you and conclude that you don’t deserve love…

If you analyze in writing these situations, you define clear what exactly determined other people to make these remarks about you and you avoid self-labeling you as not deserving, not-capable or condemned to rest forever without love…

Writing what happen to you and what you feel about a certain situation helps you bring these hidden thoughts on the surface and release them. In this way you get rid of the limiting believes and free your mind of blockings. It is also very important to define and write your life goals and to read them from time to time to not forget which your main direction in life is. Make a plan to achieve them and split the plan in weekly and daily tasks to be track in your notebook.

If there are any goals you failed to accomplish, analyze in written why you didn’t reach them. Write all the reasons might get through your mind. Don’t pay attention to spelling; just write ‘with the flow’ without thinking and you will find out what exactly blocked you. After it, you can burn the paper.

Make it a rule of writing everything and your will see your life tremendously improving.

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