How to Choose Hiking Socks
Believe it or not, choosing the right hiking sock can make or break your day(s) out on the trail. You might think that…
Hats Off to OUR Heroes
Ever so strong are OUR heroes at home. Our spouses and children are the "real" heroes to the military member. They…
Arizona Hummingbirds
Hummingbirds in Arizona are known for its variety of hummingbirds during hummingbird migrations that you can not find…
Some Amazing Sights
Traveling as I have in the military world, I have been lucky enough to see some pretty amazing sights. These sights…
Lower Sabie Rest Camp In the Kruger National
The Hyena, a much underestimated predator of the wilds of Africa. The lower Sabie Rest Camp in the Kruger National…
My VA Experiences Post - Retirement
There seems to be a growing concern in the USA that our veterans are not get quality care for the VA. I cannot speak…
Outdoors Articles (249)
What To Look For When Buying A New Pair Of Quality Hiking Boots
General Characteristics Any hiking boot should generally fit your foot like a glove.  You should not feel any pressure points at all.  If you do, they will result in blisters.  They should not chafe.  In other words, the hiking boots should be well-fitting. When buying a new pair of hiking…
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Product Reviews: What is the Best Choice Nitrogen or Electric Remote Control Car for Adults?
I have always had remote control cars since I was a kid, but have neglected playing with my RC car for a few years, until a while ago, and now I’m hooked again! I got so hooked that I ended up buying a new one just because I wanted to…
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Cycle Your Way To The Perfect Outfit!
If you have purchased a new bike or are looking to buy one you will obviously need the right cycling outfits to get the best experience out of your ride. With the selection of cycle clothing the internet has to offer you are guaranteed to find the perfect outfit. Women’s…
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The Joy Flowers Can Bring
My husband and I purchased a home about 2 years ago. It takes work (yikes!) to maintain the lawn! But every now and then we are given refreshment--to look out at the grass, freshly mowed . . . the flowers, this color and that color in bloom . . .…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   May 07, 2012  
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Are Public Transportation Services Affordable to Each And Every Person?
The transport system now-a-days is quite advanced and so travelling from one part of the country to another is highly convenient. Buses, taxis, MRT and a wide array of public transportation in most of the big cities of the world has a lot to offer to the travelers. But it’s…
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UK Motorhome Holidays Have Something for Everyone
Camping trips are a terrific opportunity for people to spend excellent time together away from the pressures of every day life A chance to bond and spend valuable time with children, kids love the adventure of camping and a motorhome is a great way of adding a touch of home…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   May 12, 2011  
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Mt Tamborine - Experience the Real Heaven
Are you all set to relieve yourself and say good bye to your work stress? Longing for a passionate and romantic day with your beloved? Or do you just desire to revel in the stunning greenery and go on an audacious trail? Tamborine Mountain is certainly the answer! With its…
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How to Buy Fishing Kayak Cart
After having exhausting week, getting of the town can boost you up again and if you head to a body of water then it would definitely be such a great joy. And thinking about visiting a water body, Kayaking is the thing that will catch your mind. But most of…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Apr 18, 2016  
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Enjoy Hiking In the Rain
You might wonder why anyone would want to hike the rain? Isn’t it just wet, miserable and cold? Well you might recall when you were a kid you couldn’t wait to get outside and splash around in the puddles whenever it rained. Ever wonder why we sometimes lose that childhood…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Feb 20, 2012  
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Buddhism Culture Appreciation Along Jing'an Temple Tour
In Shanghai, you must check out Jing'an temple if you are Buddhism. The Jing'an Temple, the most popular milestone in Jing'an Region for Tour to China, is known as the earliest shrine in the town. Designed in 247 AD, it features a record of 1,757 decades, significance it was designed…
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Razor Electric Scooters - Release Inner Spirit Of Kids With Fun
When considering the purchase of the best kids electric scooters, it is undoubtedly that any person, magazine, website or reliable source will immediately recommend the Razor electric scooters and for a very good reason. These electric scooters for kids are completely propelled by a small motor which gives the scooter…
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The Ivy League “a Global Academic Bourgeoisie”
While the moguls were busy within the construction of the Taj Mahal, the Europeans in enslaving the remainder of the humanity. Way towards the west a rustic was busy within the sowing the seeds of future. A future which might actually place it because the most significant country within the…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Oct 09, 2015  
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Travel on the Way
If something we do not do it today, we won’t do it anymore. My favorite sentenceï¼Âšthere should be two urges in our life, one is for love when we forget ourselves, one is for a trip which is unprepared. I have dream when I was in college, I want to…
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Air Shows
While in the service to our great nation and country, I was afforded the opportunity to attend several air shows. I have seen air shows in England, South Carolina, Florida, and North Carolina. They are an impressive display of varied types of cargo airplanes, attack aircraft, fighter aircraft and helicopters.…
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Rishikesh Taxi Services, Car Rental In Rishikesh
Welcome to the taxi services of one of the most important luxury car hire taxi cab services in Rishikesh. We offer wide range of cars according to the obligation, choice and preference of the travelers. Our fleet of car includes luxury cars, deluxe cars, Semi Deluxe cars, UV's and Buses.…
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The Benefits of Bushwalking
Bushwalking in Australia Inc. is the national organization supporting the interests of bush walkers and other leisure activities. Bushwalking (also known as hiking, walking, marching or just walk) to enjoy those who love the outside activities and greatly appreciate a particular scenery in Australia at close range. There are hiking…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Sep 26, 2011  
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Northern Lights Holidays – What to Know Before You Go
There is no denying that Northern Lights holidays to the Arctic regions are among the most popular types of winter break these days. In fact, Aurora Borealis chasing expeditions currently compete with skiing and snowboarding holidays for the title of best-selling winter holiday package. More and more adventurous travellers are…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Mar 23, 2015  
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Cost Effective, Simple Solution And Less Hassle For You
Are you craving for a straightforward answer that may be simply reasonable for you and fewer of a tangle for you to induce your vehicle to a replacement destination? Then transporting cars might be the answer you have got been craving for, however you're the one that should build this…
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Elephant In the Kruger National Park – the Gentle Giants Of Africa
Elephant the largest land mammal on earth. The Kruger national Park is home to reputedly 13 000 elephant, yet some visit the park for the day and don't see one of them. In the 100 plus visits that I've made, I have never not seen at least one. The male…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Mar 18, 2012  
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Sable Antelope Of Kruger National Park – An Endangered Specie
Sable antelope in the Kruger represent one of the last strongholds of naturally occurring Sable. This antelope, targeted in the past for its magnificent back sweeping horns and the black sheen of its coat. I have on a few occasions seen a group in the Pretorius Kop camp area. As…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   Mar 24, 2012  
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Boost Your Confidence To Drive Safely By Joining The Driving School
At some point in the life, it is important for everyone to learn the driving to drive the cars or other vehicles themselves. Many people learn the driving with the parents or other family members, but in this way, you do not have to learn the driving expertise and techniques…
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Run A 5K During Your Vacation - Fun Vacation Idea
While training for a 5K road race to lose weight, why not run a 5K during your vacation?
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4 Tourist Destinations In Malaysia
Malaysia is one of the most beautiful countries existing on the planet. The landscapes here were not much developed a few years ago but now the situation has completely changed. You can find a number of interesting places here. The country has much to offer to the visitors whether they…
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Travel the Niagara Falls, Hold A Plan, Experience Something New
Tour, travel, journey, the curiosity for the unseen, we all get butterflies in the stomach thinking of these things! It is so cool to travel around the world like nomads. However, there are many people who do not like to travel. We can count them in our fingers, they are…
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Can Your Waterproof Rain Jacket Prevent Hypothermia?
Yes, a waterproof breathable rain jacket not only keeps you dry but it will also double as a wind breaker. Cold wind and rain can be the biggest factors that can cause hypothermia. A waterproof breathable rain jacket over one or more insulating layers can prevent hypothermia in cold wet…
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Holidays In Kenya
Tourism is Kenya’s biggest foreign exchange earner. This statement alone is enough to make you be curious and want to know what it is about Kenya that attracts tourists that much. It simply tells you that Kenya has amazing holiday destinations that will blow your mind off. From Luxurious hotels,…
By:  in  Travel and Leisure  >  Outdoors   May 25, 2015  
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What Do You Want to Do Today?
How many times have you said this or heard it? How many times have you been asked if you want to do something but said no because you don’t think you would like it? Was it fear that made you say no or was it the idea of dragging everything…
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What is In A Picnic Basket Set?
Some people may not be very familiar with today’s picnic baskets. You may not be aware that they can come with many essential picnic pieces already assemble inside. Others may feel like you already know everything picnic baskets have to offer you. However, you may find some items you didn’t…
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Rare Hummingbirds Arizona
When I first saw rare hummingbird pictures, I not only wanted to know what species they were but I also wanted to know where I could find them.Most exotic hummingbirds are found in South America and more than 50 species are identified and documented with pictures but there are more…
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Hats Off to OUR Heroes
Ever so strong are OUR heroes at home. Our spouses and children are the "real" heroes to the military member. They keep going and carry on in our absence, and for that we are very grateful. Often not enough is said about the trials and tribulations they endure while we…
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by Claire Marie Algarme - Ellry Writer When the temperature hits red and the city heat seems unbearable,…
The Great Bear Rainforest on the west coast of Canada is a name that was given to the temperate rain…
What can you see in the Kruger National Park? An early start, with a gate entry as it opened, gave…
North America has some very various Socio Dynamics because it homes 2 of the World’s most Powerful…
A ski vacation with the family is something most people look forward to. Why not? The word vacation…
If you plan to go hiking in the spring, plan your trip and make the necessary preparations to stay…

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