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Enjoy The Outdoors When You Visit Australia
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Enjoy The Outdoors When You Visit Australia

Australia has been one of the most visited places of all-time simply because of how beautiful the country is. Once the summer sun hits cities like Sydney, there really is no limit to how much you can enjoy. The country has been very well-known for their amazing beaches that provide some of the best waves in the world. The waves are so wicked that the 2012 Australian Open of Surfing will be held in Sydney. Since not everyone is a fan of surfing, there are definitely other things for people to enjoy. The country provides the best hiking and golfing experiences and it would be a disgrace to miss out on these two activities.

Hiking and bushwalking

The Blue Mountains have the best bushwalking tracks in Australia because they have so many tracks. The tracks are all organized into different levels based on experience and age. There is the easy level, tailored for the young and very old. The medium and hard levels are perfect for those who have some experience and of course the expert trails are perfect for those who are very experienced and are looking for a challenge. Katoomba and Wentworth Falls are some of my favorites when I visited and I would definitely go back to try out the rest. Though many people are not very fond of walking on these types of trails, it is definitely an experience worth trying.

Golf in Australia

Once you are finished with your hiking, there just might be more walking waiting for you. The golf courses are amazing in Australia and it is no surprise that golfers like Adam Scott and Jason Day have been able to excel so much in the country. The courses are spread around all over the country and each one has a distinct character and style. No matter which course you visit, you will be guaranteed that each one will provide a newer challenge. Though people from all over the world travel to Australia simply to play golf, it still seems that people overlook Australia as a golfing country. If you are an avid golfer, there really is no reason to not look at Australia as a candidate for your next golf outing.

Where will you stay?

Since you will be hiking and golfing all over the country, you will definitely need a place to call home. There are plenty of homes that are available in Australia for rent but some of the very few that I have tried are Ellentree house, Hillier House and Three Bridges. I was amazed at how these houses looked and immediately I fell in love with all of them. After the long days hiking and golfing, it was nice to come to my second home and just relax. In particular I liked Ellentree House, one of the very few homes that provided a sauna so I definitely took advantage of that. As one of the most respected homes in Australia, Ellentree House is very homely, quite beautiful and very comfortable.

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