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Finding Legitimate Work Home Jobs
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First of all, let me say this, I have worked from home doing various jobs for the last 7 years and I have been scammed more times than not. Not all scams are black and white though. Some work at home jobs may be legitimate but to make "thousands of dollars" per month is far and few between.

You've already taken the first step in finding your legitimate work home jobs and that is simply doing a Google search. Through past experience, adding a word like "legitimate" is already a great first step! The second thing you should do while you're already on Google is searching for the company name and the word "scam" after it. At this time a lot of people may be worried if little to no searches come back but it is actually quite the opposite. The less results while using the word "scam", the better! If you do get some results back, see what the people are saying! The downside to the internet is that anyone can post anything about anything. When it comes to working from home, not everyone is qualified for it and this frustration can come out on forums or message boards when the legitimate work home jobs are acting properly.

When you've applied at a brick and mortar job, what is one thing EVERY company will ask for? A resume or completed application! If a work at home job isn't asking for any of this or isn't asking you to complete some sort of screening, then you may want to consider that this company either isn't one of the legitimate work home jobs or they are just run so poorly that they may go out of business within the next few years.

This may seem obvious to some but unfortunately a lot of people still fall for it so I will say it anyway. A job that guarantees you will make a ridiculous amount of money per hour or per month is NOT going to be one of the legitimate work home jobs. Okay okay, I suppose anything is possible but let’s put it this way… if there is supposedly all these jobs that will make you rich in no time, why isn’t the world full of people with too much money to spend? If the listing or website seems too good to be true, it most likely is, and it will not be one of the legitimate work home jobs.

One concern that I hear quite frequently is when a company asks for money before you can make money. At one point I did think this was a huge red flag but now I consider it more of a yellow flag and here is why. Some work at home jobs, typically call center type jobs, do require quite a bit of training. An interview online or over the phone is great but not perfect and a lot of the time representatives get hired that aren’t really fit for one of the legitimate work home jobs. With this being said, the company is losing lots of money to pay someone to train these representatives when they may not stay for more than a week or two. By charging for the training then the company is already getting a higher quality representative who wants the job more than someone who may not pay and these representatives now have more of a reason to complete training and actually work the job.

I really do hope this article will help you because these techniques have definitely helped me over the years. One thing I cannot stress enough is that a search engine like Google can help a ton when searching for one of the legitimate work home jobs. Good luck with your search and maybe we’ll work together soon!

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