What You'll Be Able To Expect From A Website Redesign Project?
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A well-executed website redesign will have a positive impact on a company’s whole and bottom line. However, undertaking a website redesign could be a terribly concerned project and takes up considerable investment and time from you, your team and your digital agency.

As with any promoting investment, you should check that there's a sound, strategic reason for building a brand new website for your business.

I have highlighted some queries below which can help you to spot whether or not you would like to consider a whole website overhaul or simply minor modifications. If:

Your website isn't aligned along with your current business strategy

You have not rested your disapproval for quite it slow currently and also the website appearance recent and dated

  • It’s not generating enough traffic
  • It’s not mobile friendly
  • It’s not ranking on search engines even once spending lot of money on SEO
  • It uses flash
  • Your website is receiving traffic, however not generating enough leads
  • Your website doesn’t have a blog or CMS integrated
  • It’s troublesome to navigate
  • You are embarrassed to give your website URLs to your potential customers
  • It’s most likely time for a brand new website!

1. Expect a partnership from your digital agency

As more and more firms are trying to dominate the digital landscape among their industries, the requirement for partnering with the digital agency for a protracted term amount has become essential.

Unless you concentrate on them as an extension of your own team, it'll be troublesome to attain the results you wish.

When you are choosing a digital agency for an online design project, here are some necessary things to contemplate in your hiring process:

  • Does the agency perceive your business its goals, objectives and also the goals of your site?
  • Does it perceive your competition?
  • Do its recommendations match up along with your objectives and goals?
  • Is the agency showcasing the work that they're proud of?
  • Does it show any understanding regarding your industry? (Although they don’t essentially got to add your industry).
  • Do you need office to easily work on your project till it’s complete, or are you probing for a long-run partnership?
  • What level of expertise will the agency have with success launching projects like yours?

2. Your digital agency would require commitment from you

Any successful web design project needs an equal quantity dedication from each side.

As the consumer, you will have to place in additional of a time commitment at the beginning and towards the top of the project. I even have briefly highlighted your initial involvement below.

  • Identifying the requirement for website redesign
  • Researching its current situation:
  • What’s engaged on your website and what must added and/or removed?
  • How many guests are you getting?
  • Which pages are the most visited?
  • What conversion rate are you achieving?
  • Where are your highest volume of visitors returning from?
  • Who are your competitors? What they are doing with success that you’d wish to accommodate in your website?
  • Set measurable goals and objectives
  • Set the content expectations
  • Plan the budget
  • Prepare the brief
  • Select the digital agency
  • Work with them to come back up with the strategy
  • Commit time to review and supply feedback on the work that’s done by your agency
  • Test and approve the ideas and different digital properties put forward by the agency

3. Expect to create choices regarding things that you simply didn't consider

Throughout your web design, you may have to create the decisions needed to maneuver the project forward.

Often you may be asked to implement options that that you simply didn't yourself consider at the beginning of project.

You will even be faced with questions about your business, a well as different issues like that website design, look and feel you wish the most; what's going to work best for your business and exhausting choices regarding belongings you might not in person approve of however your digital agency encompasses a robust opinion regarding.

Usually, these core business queries need call manufacturers to create selections regarding however they require the website to control and appear.

If your agency has stirred up an internal pain purpose, don’t be scared or mad – it suggests that they’re asking the correct queries.

4. Expect to find out new things

When you work on a website design project, you’ll get to find out all types of recent things, like however websites area unit designed from begin to complete as your agency redesigns and launches your new website.

If you agency uses project collaboration tools, you may conjointly find out about that too.

It are often nice fun and that i believe you ought to take this chance to find out the maximum amount as you can!

5. Expect to induce what you obtain

There are several firms who can quote you within the a whole bunch to do your website and others that may quote you within the tens of thousands.

I would warn against people who say they'll do your website for simply few hundred dollars as this tends to mean they'll merely use ready-made templates and alter your brand without customizing their services to your specific wants and business objectives.

If you’re serious regarding creating your website work, you should hire an expert digital agency. when you work with agency, you're paying for his or her experience, skill set and their expertise.

A prime quality agency may handle advanced problem determination, can take time out to grasp your business, can adapt your website design to the requirements and likes of your audience and provide you with distinctive functionalities that cheap web designers can’t even come back up with in their wildest dreams.

Remember that each one the great websites you see on internet aren't created by those low cost web designers – lots of thought and experience would have worked various hours to provide such an incredible result.


After over 8 years of working within the digital trade, I even have learned that being a consumer are often terribly hard. With this in mind, I even have put along this text to help you perceive the website redesign process. I even have conjointly place together an eBook that you may conjointly notice useful. Click here to go to our download page.

How Dhviti Infotech will help you?

If you're looking a digital partner to figure on your website design project, please do provide us a chance to quote on your project.

We’ve helped designed over 70 websites since we started our agency back in 2014. Schedule a free consultation these days to find out how we are able to design your website that might help you generate more sales inquiries for your business.

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