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Surviving Granulosa Cell, A Rare Form Of Ovarian Cancer
In 2007 after many tests to try and locate the reason for pelvic pain I had been experiencing, a cyst on my ovary was shown on an ultrasound so my doctor decided to send me to a gynocologist to see if the cyst should be removed and if this was…
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Signs Of Cervical Cancer – Symptoms And Some Recommended Treatments
Fact - Cervical cancer is the second most common cancer that occurs among women. Research studies reveal that cervical cancer kills more than 300,000 women annually. Fact - Cervical cancer can be medically prevented. But although this is a very well-known and medically proven fact, women tend to take this…
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Removing Your Fallopian Tubes Could Reduce Your Risk Of Ovarian Cancer: More Studies Are Needed
Ovarian cancer is called the silent killer because it rarely has any symptoms until the tumors inside have grown beyond a manageable size. The few symptoms that have been linked to this cancer are often mistaken for other conditions or dismissed. Early testing and screenings have failed to be developed…
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Cancer – the Prequel
This is my story of what lead up to the utterance of those 4 little words "Sorry, You have Cancer" So for me those 4 little words meant the diagnosis of Uterine Cancer. Uterine cancer is a type of cancer that affects the uterus in the female reproductive system. Cancer…
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