Below are the publishing guidelines for StreetArticles. Fast moderation is something we are proud of and your articles will be approved much faster if you follow these guidelines.

*Please note that the system will help you create the best content possible by automatically optimizing for you in real time.

Article Title Rules:

1. We do not allow your AUTHOR NAME or any WEBSITE URL to be in your TITLE. We will automatically remove this.

2. Your TITLE must not be keyword stuffed (too many redundant keywords used over and over again), but rather should read as a natural language TITLE that any human could easily appreciate. Do not over-optimize your TITLE please.

3 We do not allow Prescription Drug names in the title of your article.

4. We do not accept one (1) word as the article TITLE, a MINIMUM of two words is required.

5. We do not accept articles that use slang terms or profanity in the TITLE. Think child-safe or “G” rated article titles.

6. We do not allow all UPPERCASE TEXT within your titles. Please use the following format: "This is My Article Title".

7. We do not allow article titles that are overtly promotional. This includes terms such as "make money", "earn money", "free", "best", "become rich", etc.

8. Article title must have location. The article title must contain the location if your website is locational and the article content is related to a specific location in the world.

Article Body (Your Content)

1. Duplicate content is not allowed. This means that you cannot copy articles from other directories (even if you own them) and submit them to StreetArticles. We only accept content that is unique! Do not paste your article on your website, or anywhere else online after submitting to StreetArticles. We frequently check for duplicate content and if we find that your published article here at StreetArticles is also being published on other sites that you are the author or own, we will disable it.

2. Adding duplicate content frequently will result in your StreetArticles account being closed and could result in your articles being removed from the system.

3. Properly Format your article in a fashion that uses paragraphs (including proper spacing) and formatting within the text. Articles that do not use proper formatting will be rejected by moderators.

4. Spun articles are not allowed. We will know if your article is spun as we are very strict with duplicate content. If we find content that has been spun it will be rejected.

4. Overuse of CAPS (capital letters) is not permitted. Instead, use bold characters or the use of underline if you are looking to emphasize a phrase or sentence. Do not use CAPS within links either.

5. The minimum words for an article to be submitted for moderation is 400.

6. Spelling / Grammar - Your article requires proper spelling and/or grammar (we have a spell check option available in the body editor box). Your article will perform much better if error free.

7. Earnings/Weight Loss Claims - We do not allow any earnings claims or weight loss claims within your article. Articles within these industries are allowed, but you cannot make personal claims about revenues or weight loss within your article body.

8. No promotional content - No blatant promotions within your article. You article should be naturally written and provide value to the user. You can also offer "reviews", however pure promotions or erroneous promotions within your article are not acceptable.

9. Author/Wesbsite Information - Please avoid putting author bio or information pertaining to your within the actual article. If you like, you can add this sort of info to your Author Bio via the Manage Authors tab in the control panel.

10. Your article must have value to the person reading it. If it is strictly promotional, doesn't make sense, or does not provide a "real" person with a quality and engaging experience, it will not be accepted.

11. Keyword stuffing - You must write your article naturally. If your article appears to be stuffed with a keyword in attempt to get rankings in Google and reads "awkward", it will not be approved.

12. Religious Content - Street Articles no longer accepts content related to religion. To be sure we do not offend any particular group or religion, we simply do not accept any.

13. Inappropriate content - We do not allow content within StreetArticles that promotes: gambling, sexual content, free product offers (there is no such thing as a free lunch), paid surveys, and download software (DVD, Satellite to TV, video game, music) or anything illegal.

14. Article cannot start of with title content - Please do not start off an article with the article title being the first word(s).


1. # of Links Allowed. There are a maximum of TWO links allowed within the body of your article (for a 400 word article) and they must be added after the 300th word. The longer the article, the more links you are allowed within your article. Ex. You are allowed 3 links if your article is 800+ words.

2. No broken links are allowed. All links must point to a webpage that is up and running. It is good practice to preview your article before submitting it so that you can check that your links work.

3. Link Length - Maximum Anchor text length for a link is 5 words. You cannot have back to back 5 word links must have content between links.

4. We do not allow affiliate links under any circumstance. We do allow links to a website you own or link to a free website like,, or (where your affiliate links may be within the content on those free sites)

5. We do not allow links that redirect to any page other than the original link.

Example: ==> redirect to affiliate link (NOT OK) ===> redirect to affiliate link (NOT OK) ===> redirect to affiliate link (NOT OK)

6. No Call-to-Action/Promotional Links - Please do not incorporate linking techniques that encourage people to "click, join, buy, for free, for more info, visit my site, get this here, go here" within or surrounding a link within your article.

These links lower the quality of the article. Please link naturally within your article under either the target search terms or catch phrases that you think will capture interest.

For example, if someone were viewing an article titled "how to learn the guitar", terms within the article that would capture interest would be "learn the guitar", "guitar", "play the guitar", it is highly relevant.

7. Website Links - Your links must occur naturally within the article and must be within a natural sentence. Please do not append a URL to the end or within an article, ideally links that are embedded within the text (under words, not your URL) are much better.


8. Upper Case First Letter Links - Please do not put all Upper Case First Letters surrounding a link. This comes across as very promotional and we do not allow this. Links should be natural.

9. No Email Addresses - Please do not add your email address within the article. You an add author information within your author bio, please do not include it within your article content.

10. Formatted links - No formatted links. This includes bold, italics or underlined links.

11. Sole purpose of content is a link - This refers to using text for the sole purpose of "setting up" a link. An intended purpose of phrase that purely to obtain a link and offers no value to the end user is not allowed. Please link naturally within your articles.

Landing Page:

1. Minimum Content - Content on the landing page (your website) must be adequate for a quality user experience. We recommend a minimum of 250 words of content on your lander. The page cannot just be an affiliate link.

2. Landing Page Relevance - The content on your landing page must be in-line with the content the user expects. The flow of relevance between your link and landing page needs to be obvious.


1. No promotional images - Please do not have images with promotions within them or references to a website within them.

2. Relevant images - Your image must reflect to topic that you are writing about. We also do not allow the same image to be submitted for different articles.

3. Inappropriate image - We do not allow images that are overtly sexual or graphic in nature on

4. No watermarks in images - We do not allow images that have branded watermarks within them.