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Making Big Money Taking Surveys/; Are You Kidding?
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Making Big Money Taking Surveys/; Are You Kidding?

Have you tried the taking surveys to make money at home business? Then you may be unhappy with the results. The reason that you have not made money is that you are too honest, the very thing the surveys are asking for. Those who make money taking surveys are the biggest liars in the world. "Why? Because you can not take a survey until you qualify and you probably will not qualify if you tell the truth.

Now, what am I talking about? To take a survey you must first take a qualifying survey. This can take you up to 30 minutes. When you first get into this business you think you are taking the survey for which you will be rewarded in cash or some other gift to pay you for your opinion or your time. Surprise! You will get a message that you are not qualified or the survey is full or some other bad news. You get absolutely nothing from your work except a fit of anger and a headache.

That is one reason many of us give up on this crummy business of answering surveys.

Another thing is that some surveys are down right scams. You will get nothing from participating in those surveys.

And the big one is that surveys are just cons to get you to sign up for a lot of offers that can cost you money. These usually offer a big prize perhaps a $500 or even $1000 which you think you are going to get with no cash outlay on your part. Instead you must agree to two or three offers that will cost you money. Now you must decide if you will make a profit if you go ahead and give some company your credit card money so they can suck up your hard earned cash. However, the bottom line on this type of survey is that you can make a profit if you manage your offers with profit in mind.

So there are two kinds making money in the survey business, those that are able to qualfy for the best offerings and those who access rewards against cost in commercial type surveys.

Now I said that you must be a liar to take the good cash surveys. This occurs only in the qualification part of the survey. If you are not in the groups the surveyors are looking for, then you will not qualify. So you must click yes on all the qualifying questions or at least most of them. Also you must be careful where you are clicking. You must read the questions carefully or the survey people will recognize you as one not answering their trick questions properly.

I guess taking surveys is fine for those that have the stomach for it. It is a great time waster in my opinion and I'm not alone on that. There are better ways to make money.

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