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Online Surveys For Money - Are All Online Surveys Scams?
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Maybe you've seen all the online surveys that claim to pay you money. They all claim to make you easy money by simply doing nothing more than filling out some simple surveys on the internet. If you're anything like me, you may have been wondering whether these online surveys are legitamite. Or perhaps you've tried some and been dissapointed. You're probably wondering whether it is worth the effort to go through these surveys.

Let me tell you about an experience I had with online surveys. First, I sound some ebook that someone was selling that was supposed to be the ultimate guide to taking online surveys for money. I bougth the book and I was deeply disappointed by what was inside. I attempted to follow the advice in the guide only to get scammed.

Here's how it went: I signed up for some online survey sites that immediately started sending me an unending flood of spam emails. The worst part is this was actually part of what the ebook told me to do. I only had to respond to a few of those emails per day and I'd be raking in the big bucks!

Well, I tried to do some of these surveys they sent me, but they weren't really surveys at all! I had to sign up for trial offers for a bunch of crap I didn't want and couldn't afford. I remember signing up for a tie club. Basically, I got two ties for a steep discount.

The catch is that they enrolled me into their program and would be sending me two more ties every month and charging me for it. The only way to get them to stop sending me ties was to send back the ties I got and to call them up and cancel my membership. It was a real headache because they woldn't just let me go to their website to cancel.

That was only one step in the "survey" I had to complete to ge my prize. If I wanted that coveted prize, I would have to sign up for a bunch more offers until I did enough of them to complete the survey and claim my prize. Most of the offers was for junk I didn't want at all.

Since then online surveys have evolved a little bit. It is now easier to spot the surveys where you don't have to sign up for anything or spend money because now they have icons next to them that make it clear. These types of surveys pay less than the ones where you do have to spend money or sign up for trials.

My experience with online surveys for money has left me with a very bad impression. I would much rather build an online business that earns me passive income every month. This is why I think that affiliate marketing is the best online income opportunity out there. I can build websites that will earn me money each and every month. Building a real affiliate marketing business can take a lot of hard work and effort, but it is well worth the payout in the end.

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