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Paid Surveys From Home - How Does It Work
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Perhaps more and more people are looking for creative ways to generate income from their home from their computer. In this article I would like to talk about paid surveys from home. How does this work? I would like to talk about three things: what is paid surveys from home all about, do you need to purchase a package and thirdly I would like to compare internet marketing with paid surveys (since I have had some experience with both of these).

So what is paid surveys from home all about? Why would you get paid to give an opinion? Is this for real? Or is it another internet scam?

Big companies spend millions on marketing and on figuring out what the consumer´s needs and wants are in order to make a profit. Companies pay other companies to get surveys done for them so they can better understand the market.

So, for example global test market (you can check it out on the web if you want) is a company that pays people like you and I for every survey that you fill out giving your opinions on various topics. They develop their surveys based on what other companies (ie Coca-cola) are asking of them. So they get paid for the final results and to get those results they pay people like you and I.

Do you need to purchase a package?

Actually you don´t. But I have. You really have two options: you can search the internet for companies like Global Test Marketing and sign up for free or you can purchase a package that has a list of the best companies for you to sign up. To make at least a few hundred dollars a month you need to sign up with a lot of companies (50 - 100) so that you can have enough surveys coming in your inbox to be able to make some money.

So why would you purchase a package and what do these packages offer? The reason I purchased the package is because it already has the list researched for me of some of the best options for me to sign up and it is a time saver. I am basically paying someone for their experience and knowledge to save me time. A couple of warnings though:

1. I always buy something that has a refund policy (such as clickbank that offers a sixty day money back guarantee). I don´t mind paying if it will help me earn quicker by providing me the information I need as long as I have this guarantee.

2. As it is so often with ads of any money making product, they make huge unrealistic promises of how much you can earn. I have learned to just ignore these. Marketing on the internet tends to exaggerate or in some cases flat out lie about things. I would have realistic expectations. Doing paid surveys from home can possibly help me earn a few extra hundred dollars a month. I wouldn´t expect thousands even if there are a few than have truly done this.

Internet marketing vs. paid surveys from home

Why do I mention this? Because these are two very common ways to earn income online. I have done both. The advantage of paid surveys is that you know exactly how much you will earn per survey (sometimes its calculated by points). Another advantage is that you don´t have to learn anything. It takes some initial tedious work at the beginning (signing up with a lot of companies, waiting to do enough surveys before you are sent your first payment) but there is harldy anything to learn.

The disadvantage of paid surveys is that overall by the hour you don´t get paid much (typically). And of course you only get paid as you work on a survey. The advantage of internet marketing is that the pay can be quite a bit higher and once you have learned and have put you work into it some of the income begins to come in without any futher work. So I think there are pros and cons to each option.

But if you are needing and looking to make income online over the long-haul I would recommend internet marketing over paid surveys from home. You just want to make sure you get the right training to be successful at internet marketing.

I hope this article on paid surveys from home has helped you as consider the various options for building an income online.

Street Talk

Paid surveys is a great way to make extra money. It is especially great for housewives who want to have her own income in helping her family with their financial obligations. Super easy and doesn't require much of her time.

  about 8 years ago
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