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Why I Am A Infrared Sauna Buyer
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Why I Am A Infrared Sauna Buyer

I am a infrared sauna buyer and I am proud of it. I just bought the portable infrared sauna that can easily fold away and be put into my closet. This is my first one and I am sure that later on as my money grows I will buy the 2 person sauna that has that expensive furniture look.

The primary reason I am a buyer is I was also once a former athlete that has nagging injuries that never properly healed. Ben-Gay was the usual treatment for injuries when I was a athlete.

But Ben-gay only worked on the surface and never could get deep enough beneath the skin to warm the injured parts. It was the best we had in that day but today modern technology has made infrared heat available and Ben-gay is the thing of the past.

Infrared heat is the safest type of heat for healing injuries. This heat can sink down to the cellular level and warm your blood, sending a circulation of blood and nutrients to the aching areas of your body. And everyone knows that circulation helps speed up the healing process. This Infrared heat is revolutionary! Imagine having radiant heat being applied to the most needed parts of your body? It can not get any better than that.

Once you have radiant heat applied to your injuries even if they are old injuries, this heat magically makes the pain and the aches go away. After several sessions you feel as if you have never been hurt. You will feel totally relaxed and totally invigorated.

However, one advantage Ben Gay has over radiant heat is that infrared sauna heat should not be applied to any new injury until after 48 hours have passed, while Ben-gay can be applied immediately.

But after the 48 hours, spend 30 minutes in a infrared sauna and allow its radiant heat to engulf you and your pain and you will never go back to the old ways of treating injuries again.

Thanks to modern technology, an old athlete like me can finally get rid of old nagging injuries, sprains and tears by allowing soothing, sun-like heat to sink beneath my skin and perform miracle treatment on injuries that have hampered me for over 3 decades.

That is why I am an infrared Sauna buyer and if you are also suffering from any injuries that will not seem to heal, try it for yourself and you will become a infrared buyer too.

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