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10 Top UFO Hot Spots In Malaysia
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10 Top UFO Hot Spots In Malaysia

Last week I was surfing the internet to look for the 10 top UFO hot-spots in Malaysia but there wasn't much information on this subject. Sure, there were sites and articles telling where UFOs seen and You-tube videos but where are the top UFO hot spots in Malaysia ? This lead me to think that I need to find out more and write an article to share some information with UFOs enthusiasts out there in Malaysia.

UFO hot spots are towns, places and areas where sightings of UFOs and strange unexplained objects or lights in the skies, seas, hills and jungles seen and/or recorded by a single or multiple witnesses over many times (at least three times and above) during the last 60 years.

Information that I have gathered are from local newspapers, internet sites, books, articles and videos that suggest sightings of UFOs were as far back as the 1950's and all the states in Malaysia have reported them. However, the number of reported sightings were much higher in West Malaysia states than the East Malaysia states. This lead me to believe that the hot spots were most likely be found in the West Malaysia states and these were the places that I've looked at in this article.

According to the data that I have collected from these sources, the 10 top UFO hot spots in Malaysia are :-

Name of Towns in Malaysia

Sungai Petani

Kuala Lumpur

Petaling Jaya

Alor Setar




Bukit Mertajam

Johor Baru


Some of these unexplained and strange incidences that occurred in these hot spots are (mostly) sightings of diamond-shaped, hat-shaped, cigar-shaped and disc-shaped objects flying in the skies with a performance and speed far above known earthly air-crafts, strange star busting in the sky, strange lights that changes colors and moving around in the sky or in the jungles, objects diving into the sea (nautical UFO) - Close Encounters Type 1 (CE-1) and a few cases where evidence of UFO presence detected such as burnt grass on ground - Close Encounters Type 2 (CE-2).

Another type of UFO encounters that occur 10-20 instances were the Close Encounters Type 3 (CE-3) where contact made when micro crafts around 3 feet landing and 3 inches to 6 inches micro humanoids coming out of the spacecraft and the people catching and releasing them (or they escaped). CE-4 type of close encounters are rare but there were 2-3 cases of this happening where the child abducted and found many miles away and had memory loss.


Sightings of UFO and alien humanoids in Malaysia and elsewhere are increasing each year and governments around the world must do more to investigate these strange things that are going on in our skies. If you have some interesting stories of your own to share, please write an article on Street Articles or contact me.

Please feel free to leave some comments below and thank you for reading my article.

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Thank you very much for reading the article, Geoffrey. GA

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Hello Goreng, Thank you very much for another very informative article.

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