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The Loch Ness Monster - That Photo
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The Loch Ness Monster  -  That Photo

The legend of the loch ness monster has captured imaginations for a long time and there are hundreds of officially reported sightings. Even skeptics have to ask themselves the question are all these people wrong and what happens if just a handful of these people are right.

The first reported sighting of the loch ness monster was made by St. Columba in 565 AD. The beast was said to have risen up from the water to attack a man. Since then there have been literally hundreds of sightings and photos. The most famous of the loch ness monster photos was submitted by a respectable surgeon Dr. Robert Wilson to a newspaper in 1934.

This photo was considered conclusive proof of the loch ness monster for decades to come and really captured the imagination of the public up until 1994 when a researcher published a book claiming it was nothing more than a cleverly staged and captured hoax. The researcher explained that the creature looked for to out of proportion to be real. He studied the photo and came to the conclusion that the waves around the creature in the picture told us that the creature was way to small to be real.

To put an end to this famous photo of the loch ness monster the researcher went in search of the man who originally took the picture - of course, the man had passed away. But further investigation led him to the fact that Dr. Robert Wilson had a 89 year old stepbrother who was still alive. The stepbrother admitted that the loch ness monster craze got the better of him and his brother and a couple of friends.

With the use of toy submarines they equipped a model of the monsters neck and head to the floating toys and then took the famous picture. Dr Wilson was a respectable surgeon but he apparently loved practical jokes and he immediately submitted the picture to the local paper without a second thought.

A lot of people are probably disappointed with reading this article to find out the picture was indeed a fake ( the picture is the image used with this article ). After all, just about every person in the world has marveled over this picture at one time or another. I'm not here to be a skeptic because I firmly believe that the loch ness monster is a mammal that lives in the Loch. There is far to much evidence, photos, investigations and radar readings that have proven this theory. Just because one of the more famous pictures of the loch ness monster turned out to be a fake does not mean they all are fakes. What do you think?

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