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Hello reader let me start by say that all mothers no matter what love the children no matter what.  I'm basically writing about my experience as an at home parent, I've been an at home parent for 11 yrs. now and I can not wait until this journey is over.  i have four beautiful kids, 3 girls and 1 boy him being the youngest, so u could already imagine poor guy. But needless to say I was twenty-one when i had my first child everything was wonderful it couldn't be anymore perfect. Then number two came a year and a half later everything is still great. But by that time my husband took on another job and was rarely seen around the home which made it hard for me to get certain things done that needed tobe done, and at that time I was extremely protective so I wouldn't allow anyone to babysit which now I greatly regret cause i so NEEDED it.  So by the time my second child was two i was always very tired, sluggish, and just flat-out worn out. So the fun playful me stop begin playful and more serious. Now me growing up in a broken home didn't help my situation at all it just made it worse.

So basically started to treat my kids as if they were older having them get their own food pick out and put on their own clothes etc. then the worse thing that a parent could allow to happen was that the television started to raise my kids.  So by the time the third child arrived my patience was slim to none and my older one thought she was the mother which created problems within itself. So i had to do some real self-reflection and get my act together. So I've been pretty good with the last two of my children in terms of my patience and playfulness, now as for the older two im struggling to reverse what i created in them as little ones. My older one has an attitude of a high schooler and she's in fifth grade, and my second oldest craves for anyones attention no matter what it takes, and like to talk like a baby allot of the time.

 Pretty much i have my work cut out for me and by no means this is NOT an easy job. i attended a parenting seminar and what stuck out to me was that they mention a three-step rule, and each step consist of seven years. The first seven years of the childs life, is all play and having fun and lots of loving, and the next seven years of the childs life is, based on disciple and showing right from wrong and really establishing rules. and by the time you get to this second stage your child wont resist because you have established their trust in you in stage one. And the third stage is be their friend, by being their for them as a friend not so much as a parent. 

So before you decide to become an at home mom i strongly suggest you attend parenting classes, and make sure you have a strong support base, and take that babysitting offer even if it kills you to leave your baby take it.


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thanks for sharing:)

  about 8 years ago
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