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Dealing With Teenagers - Some Things You Must Have When Dealing With Difficult Teens
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Dealing with teenagers is definitely one of the hardest parts of raising children that parents will have to go through and while the sleepless nights when they were babies may be a distant memory they aren't the end of them. 

Worry can consume a parent and when your teenagers are struggling and/or being difficult, being concerned if not afraid of the situation is completely normal.  There are some things you will definitely need when dealing with a difficult teen and the very first thing is patience.  I know that patience may be very hard to come by when doors are slamming, fights are ensuing, and you are facing the unknown, but it is a critical element you must try to have.

Remembering back to what it was like to be a teenager may help you some in the patience department, sometimes space and love is all that is needed to help your child through these difficult years; however for those dealing with more serious issues like drugs and suicidal teens you are going to need more than patience.

The first being, support, whether from friends and family or from a crisis center that can give you the additional knowledge you may need to deal with such serious issues.  Parents who are not equipped to handle serious issues like drugs or suicide may find themselves drowning and unable to help their child; support is essential to not only the parent in this case but to the child as well.

Finally, you must have love.  You may not recocnize the child before you anymore as they have been taken over by something beyond their control, but you must remember that it is your child in there and they need your help, love and support to get through.  Depending on the severity of problems sometimes all they need is space and to know that you are there, giving space may be hard but it is often all that they really need.  Let your child know that you are always there for them and that you understand the difficulties they are going through; they may not believe you, but knowing that they have a soft place to land can only be helpful.

If you are dealing with teenagers and feel over your head with the situations coming your way, visit to discover some resources that can inform you more about the subject.  Remember, patience, support and love and that this too shall pass. 

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