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Environmental Factors Affecting Adhd
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Research and studies show that nine to twenty out of one hundred ADHD patients or caused by non shared or non genetic factors. These factors are comprised of alcohol and nicotine intake especially when a mother during her pregnancy has too much alcohol and or nicotine, resulting to a baby born with an ADHD. Another is when an individual drinks alcoholic beverages and smokes at a very young age.

With regard to the presence of nicotine in a pregnant mother, there is a probability that hypoxia or lack of oxygen can occur to the fetus or to the developing child. Because of smoking, complications during pregnancy may happen which can affect the child as well. Infections at the same time during pregnancy or at the birth and during childhood can be associated to probabilities of having ADHD because of the presence of varicella, rubella, enterovirus or streptococcal bacterial infection. .

Statistics show that individuals with ADHD are more prone to head injuries than those who are not diagnosed with the disorder. Yet, it is wrong to say that head injuries can lead to ADHD.

Study also shows that insecticides sprayed on fruits and vegetables can affect a child’s learning and physical ability and worse his behaviors that cal lead to having an ADHD because of the chemicals like organophosphate and chlorpyfiros.

Issues about organophosphate mostly happen on ADHD patients aging from eight to ten years old. This is because children’s urine residues are found to have a high level of dialkyl phosphate which is found in organophosphate. Because of the presence of pesticide chemicals, there is a greater possibility of ADHD or developing ADHD seen through the results of urinary tests. This cases and conditions have also been seen even with those children who have least, detectable, average or beyond average level of pesticide metabolite in their urine residues. The same or alike symptoms were observed with ADHD patients who were not found with those chemicals.

Government has conducted studies with regard to pesticide issues related to ADHD. The study showed that children having a high level of organophosphates chemicals or when mothers are exposed to organophosphates during pregnancy are more likely to experience learning disability, like reading and writing, especially in solving problems. Other governmental research and studies showed that genetic reasons have stronger impact on ADHD patients compared to pesticides exposure.

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