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Finding activities for your kids can sometimes be hectic for a parent, one because of the varied option available today and two because of the specific interests of the kid. An activity that completely preoccupies one might be a turn off for another! For preschoolers it is even a bigger challenge given that this tasks has not been so far ‘outsourced’ to teachers in schools.

I took my time to find out about the available activities out there and what other parents recommend and came across a very diverse field, depending to a great extent age, ranging from majorly playing with toys to outdoors sports. Nonetheless the list is endless on stuff one can indulge the kids in.

Here is my compilation of ideas;

For the outdoors on a moderate day providing the necessary equipment (balls, bats, shovels and buckets for the beach, bikes etc) and of course the company of other kids or even yourself can pretty much sum up the day. As well as the physical exercise the kid learns invaluable social values and expressing themselves freely. Furthermore this is not restricted to the family backyard. Parks and carnivals are also ideas for these forms of outdoor entertainments. Under supervision, due to the obvious risk, the kid can also participate in water sports with others; diving, compete picking objects from pool bed etc.

Card games and skill games also form part of the whole activities for kids. Skills games are many and varied. The ones I most remember are the target toss to earn points; tossing objects to land within a specific area some distance away from the start line. Another would be sack jumping where you get inside a sack and jump fastest to the finish line, or even have one leg tied and jump with one to the finish line! The list is endless.

When the weather does not allow it or in the evenings other forms of thing to do with kids can take over. Due to the limited space and fragility of objects inside the house it cannot involve physical brute of the outdoors. This is when toys take over. Jigsaw puzzles, magazine/newspaper art clipping and pasting, stamping from apples, potatoes etc, plasticine modeling and much more are all ideas and not forgetting my childhood favourite hide and seek!

Given the space available I cannot totally expound to the fullest extent of fun activities you can do with your kids. The bottom line is to just try different approaches and see what works best with them, same for kids with special needs. Of course not forgetting to consider the age the young one is for development and growth purposes as there is no one fits all.

Check out more on kids fun time activities here.

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