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Give Your Kid Candy To Stop Tantrums
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Kids are very intelligent and experimental creatures, they love to push their parents to the limit to know what they can get, and they always try new and different ways to get what they want.

Most kids experience tantrums by the age of two and they get really mad that they can even hurt them self during a tantrum. Tantrums are also very frustrating for parents who never want to see their child crying but you cannot give them everything as well for health and safety reasons.

Tantrums are very embarrassing if you were outside with your child and it causes big disturbance for people. Most parents try to avoid the scene by giving their kid what they wanted or even give them some candy.

Now, I think that what goes in your kids' mind after that is: “All I have to do is crying and I get a lollipop, yay". And the problem won't stop. On the contrary, it will get harder and harder cause he knows that you will surrender and give him what he wants.

Candy can never be the solution of tantrums, what is it then?

Total ignorance is, act as if nothing is happening around. Sooner or later they will stop crying the moment they figure out that there is no use of it.

If you can't handle the tension, go clean a room, watch TV, or wash some dishes and if you were outside, ignore it by looking at a product or anything that gets your thinking out of it. I actually know a mom who has a card with her saying "Sorry for disturbance, a tantrum in process". It is a very funny and smart way to ease the tension and make people smile and ignore the noise,

After the whole tantrum is gone, talk to your child in a compassionate but firm voice that this way won't work at all and tell him or her reason why you refused to do or get what caused the problem. Go down to his height level and maintain eye contact to make sure that he gets the message.

If tantrums last for more than half an hour or last for a whole day, you probably need to talk to the doctor about that.

Also remember that you can't do this with a child under two years old cause you cannot spoil them at this age. They need your love to know that the world is a good place and grow up to be confident and happy people.

At the end, you will still face tantrums now and then and sometimes you will have to do what you have to do to stop it, but try to ignore them as much as possible and never reward bad behavior with getting things or buying candy.

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