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Green Bay Packers Family Night
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Green Bay Packers Family Night

I would like to tell you about our experience at Lambeau Field, Green Bay Wisconsin for Green Bay Packers Family Night.

First of all, I wouldn't be writing this article, if it wasn't for my daughter, Chloe, winning the tickets! So, excited, my wife tells me at work that my daughter had won the grand prize!

Grand Prize?! For what I thought. I had asked my wife what was this grand prize. she had told me that from the reading contest in our little town of Waterford, Wisconsin, at the Library. Cool.

What did She win? Because I know that she hadn't won the lottery, because we don't play those games with the odds.

And, it wasn't to my belief that she won a car--even though we surely need a new one, very soon!

She had then told me that Chloe won tickets to go to see the Green Bay Packers! Cool! What game? No, it wasn't a game against the Chicago Bears, or Minnesota Vikings. It was for Family Night. Well, I was less enthused, because I had never gone to a Packer football game in my life, and I know those tickets for the real games, if the seats are decent, aren't going to be cheap. So, like the good dad I try to be, I thought well, I gotta get off of work to go then.

Let's make a long story a little shorter.

Our hike, travel trip was about 3 hours to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, nonetheless, we were hungry, and so we at some sandwiches after parking our van. The guy letting us park our van on his lawn was so nice, he said I didn't have to pay because I had 2 or more kids. Cool. God send, because I'm pretty broke now.

So, we walked to the stadium, and "WOW! That's so big said one of my kids!" We have never been to Green Bay before, especially Lambeau Field! It was so big, and the experience they had, I don't think that they will forget it!

Then the crowds, holy cats, the crowds! I think there were like 100,000 actual people there, I'm not sure if they were all going, or just like hanging out in the parking lots to grill out, spend time with friends and family.

So, we walked around the area. Then, walked towards where we had to get in line. And wait. Wait and Wait and wait! Kids were getting tired, thirsty, hungry, you name it.

Note: Don't go to these games unless you have at least $100 in your pocket for snacks. Make sure you don't have a hole in your pocket, because the stands will. Yep, no major meals here, just popcorn, peanuts, pizza slices, soda. But a beer will cost you $7.50. I decided to wait until I got home and enjoy mine for a fraction of that price.

Then, the line moved. It actually moved at about 5:34pm! Doors were opening. Yahoo! We get to get inside. We found our seats in rows 41, aisle 123 which gave us a very nice view!

Great Job, Chloe for winning! Well, she entered, but also participated on her reading project to enter the contest.

We waited a little more. And they had different types of kiddie activities going on, watching kids kick this dice that was the size of your refrigerator. Watching pee-wee football kids play, and some very young cheer leaders going out there and cheering for the teams.

Then the Packers came out.

Hey! It's the Packers coming out, mixed with the offense and the defense players, around 100 of them with the coordinators, coaches, staff from the Packers.

They played for about an hour or so, made some announcements, and shut off the lights.

Why? Fireworks.

SNAP CRACK, BOOM! Whistle Snap Boom! From all sides of the stadium. That was a sight! Very cool firework display for all of the fans to see.

All in all, we had a good time. So would you if you come and see them next year in 2014.

Pros: Great Family Fun for only like $10 a ticket, if you get the tickets before they sell out! Very Affordable.

Cons: Pricey Snacks! Sorry, can't do it. I have a hard time paying that much for snacks, but whatcha going to do when you can't leave and come back?

Bottom Line: A well-worth time spent by taking your family, you kids, or even going with friends that won't take all of your money out of your pocket book.

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It was a lot of fun, especially because I do work a lot. It's great to spend time with the family---that was the most important and enjoyable part of that trip.

  about 9 years ago

Sounds like a ton of fun! I like how they add a bunch of extra stuff to do nowadays!

  about 9 years ago

Thanks Kymee! I appreciate that! I try to do as much things with them, even if I"m busy during the week, I always make Sunday's God's and Family Day--Always! Eric

  about 9 years ago

Thank you enjoyed the family story....Makes me sad though and happy. Miss those family times with the kids. I do have the grandkids now and that is a hoot but they don't come as much as those time with this kids.... :o) It goes so fast. Thanks for sharing God bless you and that little reader ; O) Kymee

  about 9 years ago

Hi Dana! I was just thinking of you a little bit ago. I was hoping that you weren't thinking that my joke wasn't meant for serious. But, thank you for the AWESOME remarks! We actually ate before the game and activities, but there was too much time in between getting a good meal and when we ate lunch.

  about 9 years ago

AWESOME story Eric! I would take my family and not sure what I would do about the snacks. Maybe eat up before I go but you know it is just not the same if you can't eat at the game. LOL

  about 9 years ago
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