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House Cleaning Checklist - Simple As ABC
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House Cleaning Checklist  -  Simple As ABC

Keeping your abode tidy can be simpler than you think. Using a handy house cleaning checklist and some common sense strategies, you might be amazed at how easy staying on top of your housekeeping tasks can be.

A equals 'at least once.'

As you go through your normal daily routine, ask yourself this questions from time to time. "Have I done this at least once today?"

For example, have I picked up the dining room table at least once today? Have I cleaned this mirror at least once today? Have I cleaned out the kitchen sink at least once today?

This approach might seem a bit random, but the beauty of it is that all these random cleaning chores add up quite nicely. By the end of the week you may need to deep clean a few areas of your home, but many areas will be quite presentable without you having to spend much time technically cleaning.

Use your household chores list to check off your random cleanings. Then you'll always be cleaning a 'new' spot.

B equals 'behavior is key.'

Take a look at your family's behaviors and you'll discover that some quick changes can make a genuine difference in the amount of cleaning you'll need to do in the first place.

Are there rugs in front of each outside door in your home? And by extension, are there welcome mats outside each of those same doors? The amount of dirt that comes into a home on shoes can be enormous; by placing rugs strategically, you'll find you have less dirt to chase back out of your house.

Do family members leave dishes in front of the TV or on the dining table when finished? Even toting the dishes to the sink isn't as helpful as you may think. Have a simple training session and require that everyone put their dirty dishes into the dishwasher straight away when they're finished eating. Why move those dishes multiple times?

As you take note of where you can improve cleaning behaviors in your home, jot down organizing supplies on your housecleaning list. Keep the list with your grocery list and take it with you when you shop.

C equals 'contain that clutter.'

Clutter is often a major problem in homes that feel unkempt. Identify the main areas of clutter in your home and start addressing those areas using this fast solution that you can put to work in minutes.

- Do toys regularly get left strewn around your living room? Get a large, decorative basket and place in the room. Every evening make sure your little ones pop all those toys in that basket. You can sort everything once a week if you like, but on a daily basis, insist that there is no dessert or television or bedtime until the toys are in the basket. Takes a few minutes, tops.

(Hint: if it helps to use printable chore charts to motivate your kids to pick up those toys, then do it.)

- Paper everywhere? Mail tossed here one day, and lost the next? Get decorative bins, baskets, vases, anything you want that you like to look at and can act as a container.

Time for another family training. Mail goes here, school work goes there, newspapers go over here.

(Hint: make your container placement sensical. Keep the mail basket by the front door. The schoolwork bin by wherever the kids put their backpacks. Watch where people drop things and add a container at that spot.)

- Dishes everywhere, too? We covered that one in the point above. The container for the dishes is called the dishwasher. Clever, huh?

You get the point. Using a house cleaning checklist and these 3 simple ideas you can get started improving the look and feel of your home today.

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