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How OCD Affects The Personality
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There have been issues with regard to the correlation of the obsessive and compulsive symptoms of OCD to the patient’s personality. There are different theories relating to personality like Freud’s theory of various personalities and characteristics. Freud explained that there are personalities that may differ from one individual to another like indecisiveness and orderliness. Both traits presented are important factors for the development of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Though, there can be no exact personality which may be found most vulnerable to be diagnosed with OCD, research and studies present certain personalities and features that are major factors for the diagnosis of the disorder.

There are many and different ways on how one can know and define personality. Yet, there are distinguished standards that may define one’s personality and way of thinking which attributed to one’s daily living.

A popular personality model explains one’s personality in seven various categories. One of which is novelty seeking. Individuals with traits considered under novelty seeking are usually always excited, very curious and are impulsive at the same time. Others are found under the category of harm avoidance. Individuals who are dominant in this category is anxious, always worried of what will happen in the future and can not tolerate uncertainty. There are also individuals who are under the reward dependence. They have dominant traits like being mature, reliable, and responsible and they are always goal directed. There are also those who are dominant with traits that can make them get along with others easily and are good team players. They are under the category of cooperativeness. Some individuals have the traits of self-transcendence. They usually seek something greater then themselves, they are spiritual in nature and can engage themselves easily in activities which they find fun the most.

Research and studies have found out that individuals under the category of harm avoidance having high scores, novelty seeking with low scores, reward dependence with low scores, self-directedness and cooperativeness with low scores have more probability of being affected and diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

The personality and traits of a certain individual may not be the sole factor for the diagnosis of the disorder but are certainly risk factors for the development of the disorder. A risk factor is defined to be as a specific thing which increases the probability of an individual to be diagnosed with a certain illness.

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