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How To Perform A Nanny Or Babysitter Background Check
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All parents consider that the welfare and safety of their children is one of the most precious things in life. Yet they need to rely on daycare services, public schools, babysitter and nannies to care for their children while they are working or enjoying some well-deserved free time. It is important for them to know that their children are taken care by reliable persons and reputable institutions.

Although most school will routinely run background checks for all employees, parents may still ask for a confirmation that it was properly done. However smaller day cares may not systematically run a background check on their workers because of the costs involved. It’s therefore important to inquire about such matter before you let your children under their care. It’s also essential to run a background check before you hire a nanny or a babysitter.

As a matter-of-fact, they are many people with criminal records who apply as babysitter or nanny in order to get into an unsuspecting parent’s home and steal objects. For that reason you need to perform a background check that can disclose information you could not find by merely reading a resume or interviewing a prospective nanny or sitter.

How do you perform a background check?

You can hire a private investigator to look for relevant information about the prospective caregiver. Fees vary from one investigator to another and the more comprehensive the information you want, the more you will have to pay.

There are also many relatively cheap online services that provide background checks. However, you should be careful before paying for services that offer immediate results. Such services may just provide information from a database that is neither accurate nor up-to-date. Most of the time, you will just access basic information. You actually get what you paid for... Instant background check services may also have hidden fees involved. You should actually avoid online services that do not require the social security number before launching a background check.

Also note that the laws are different in countries such as Canada and you may not be able to verify whether or not a person has a criminal record without asking their permission.

After performing a background check, it is recommended that you contact the past employer of the person who applies for a nanny or babysitter position. You still need to be cautious as many people will provide the name of their friends or acquaintances as references. These people will obviously say a lot of good things about the prospective nanny or babysitter. Therefore you need to specifically request the name and phone number of their former employer. If the prospective nanny or babysitter is reluctant to provide that kind of information, then you have a good reason to be cautious.

A comprehensive background check combined to thorough reference verification will definitely help you to avoid tragic mistakes when hiring a nanny or babysitter.

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