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How Youre Teen Can Deal With A Cyber-bully
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How Youre Teen Can Deal With A Cyber-bully

Man the times are changing. In the past it wasn't that uncommon for some bigger kid to threaten you at school or even beat you up. I'm sure you or some one you know was victim to bullying at some point while they a teenager. Today bullying still thrives, but in a very different way. Welcome the term "cyber-bully".

What's a cyber-bully you ask?

Basically a cyber bully makes good use of technology, social sites, instant messengers, forums etc to make threats or harm another person.

Teens live in a digital world filled with text messaging, online social interactions so naturally bullying has followed them into this realm. I remember getting a notification one time that my daughter was tagged in a photo. I didn't recognize the name of the person so I followed the link only to see a picture of a young woman with two middle fingers pointed at the camera. It turns out this young woman didn't like my daughter and was beginning to harass her via Facebook.

What do you do?

  • Tell you're teen not to further spread the cyber bully message. If you're teen is tagged, simply un-tag the photo and block the user from the account.
  • Have an open line of communication with your teen about cyber bullying. Most teenagers think it's no big deal and very common, but it can become intrusive and dangerous.
  • Block all communication with the bully. If you're teen wants to retaliate online then it will only encourage the cyber bully to do it more.

  • If you're using Facebook, you can report a user using the "Report User" link in the lower left side of the user's profile.

Steps to dealing with cyber-bullying on Facebook

  • No strangers - Just like we tell our kids not to talk to strangers, you shouldn't accept a friend request from a stranger. It's very easy to get a Facebook account under a false name and pretense.
  • Block - Facebook has a handy block feature that makes it so that a person being blocked basically doesn't even know you exist on Facebook.

  • Report - Report the bully by using Facebook's report tool.

  • Privacy - Instruct you're teen to check their privacy settings. You can help them do this as well. Ensure that their updates are only being seen by their friends.

Overall as parent you should stay involved with your teen. If you're teen uses Facebook makes sure they have added you as a friend. Also keep a good line of communications open so that if your teen is being harassed, they have an adult to talk to about it and deal with rationally.

Street Talk

Good points. We also need to look at the other side of cyber bullying, It's not just Facebook it is all types of media, We can't monitor our kids every move and read all private messages and emails. We have to trust what we teach them and that they come to us when they have a problem or issue. Be open to help them or their friends if needed. My kids do come to me on many issues of this nature and I help then think for themselves with me leading them in the right direction.

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