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Lost With The Pirates
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Lost With the Pirates

As I write this there is a popular TV show running re-runs on Monday nights called “Lost” and it got me thinking----Lost……..

What parent hasn’t at some time or another lost a kid at Wal-Mart, Kmart or the Mall. You turn around and two seconds later ---poof---their gone. And if you are a child reading this, tell me you Parents haven’t at least once lost track of you… even if it was your own fault.

I think it might almost be a “Right of Passage” . You cannot really claim to be a Parent until you misplace a child. Or a real kid until Mom or Dad lose you.. Even in the Gospel, Mary and Joseph lose the Christ Child. Imagine the Holy Family loosing the then Son of God! I believe Mark told that story specifically to show that Jesus was indeed truly Human and part of a Human Family and they lost. Him! Lost Him!.



It was almost a year since our last try at Walt Disney World. The last time we went to Orlando we were told by the Doctors that Jamie, our 4 year old Daughter, would never leave there alive.


But they were wrong.

So my nature being what it is ….”if you fall off a horse you get right back on”! So off to Disney we went. By plane this time, so Jamie and the boys would not have to endure an eight-hour drive. I promised my wife Kathy that it would be all right. Nothing would go wrong. I promised it would be fine. It was what the family needed. It would be fun.

As soon as we checked into the hotel we started our way to the room and were walking by the pool and Jamie “accidentally” fell in. You have to understand that with her cancer and her treatments she had to have tubes implanted in her chest –her Heart---and these were not allowed to get wet. Of course we always kept them well bandaged with waterproof bandages but falling in to a pool?? Accidental? No. Jamie had not been allowed in a pool for so long she just could not resist.

I promised nothing would go wrong.

I promised it would be fine.

And it was. We got Jamie out, dried her off and no harm done. But the look on Kathy’s face said volumes.

I promised nothing would go wrong.

I promised it would be fine.

So off to Disney we went. And I was right. We were having the time of our lives. Cancer forgotten for a while and the Magic of Disney prevailed.

As the day progressed we got to one of our favorite rides----“The Pirates of the Caribbean”. It was sooooo cool. With Jamie’s bald head and being in a wheel chair we went straight to the front of the line. No weaving and snaking back and forth waiting forever. Right to the front. I can remember thinking when you get lemons (Cancer) make lemonade.

We were standing on the dock, first in line for the front seats in the boat. The best ones. I love being up front. I can remember turning around for only a second to smile at Kathy and the boys a smile that said “see I told you so”.

As I turned back around Jamie was gone!

She had hopped in to the boat that was just leaving and went off on the ride.

I screamed out to the staff to stop the ride-----but they said they could not---it was all computerized. The best we could do was to get in to the next boat and find her at the end.


I promised nothing would go wrong

I promised it would be fine.


So into the next boat we got and off we went. Water again. With Strangers. The thoughts that were going through our minds were almost indescribable. All we could do was stare at the water, praying that we would not (or would???) see Jamie. There was a whole new meaning to the ride. The dog holding the keys, then men chasing the women in the brothel, the man sitting on the bridge over head were you could even see the hair on his animated body moving in the wind, the ship on fire…… all of these were lost to our fears of were was our Daughter and was she ok.


What parent hasn’t lost a kid? What kid has not been lost. The fear is real. Think back. You can not forget it. You can probably even feel it now as you read this.


Helpless, guilty, frantic, hopeful, and praying,.

Even Mary and Joseph lost Jesus.

After what had to be an eternity we go to the end of the ride. And there she was. Held in a new friend’s arms (Jamie never new a stranger). Surrounded by all of the others in that boat. She was explaining to them about Her Cancer…Her tubes… how she knew that they could not get wet.

And what I saw was more then just Jamie….More then our Daughter…I saw Christ in the Temple…teaching. Jamie was obviously just fine. She always was.

I would love to tell you that she had something prophetic to say when we found Her like Jesus had to say to his parents but there was not. The prophetic moment was just seeing Her found.


Not Lost!


Found as all of us in Jesus Christ.

What parent hasn’t lost kid at Wall-Mart..

Pray for me. I’ll Pray for you.

Just Found

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