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Outdoor Games For Kids, Part I
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Outdoor Games For Kids, Part I

Being an adult, a parent, it's easy to forget what's fun, and what's not fun. What I may think of fun, isn't what my children are thinking of fun. Granted, a lot of the things that they like, I liked, too as a kid growing up. I have 4 children, and I lived in a 2 sibling home: Me and my sister. Them: There is 4 of them, 2 boys, 2 girls. Yes, indeed I planned that all out. No not really. Only by the grace of God have I been blessed with 4 beautiful children.

Because we all live in Wisconsin, weather changes, like the wind to snow, to rain, to sun, and sometimes overnight! I know you're probably thinking, I'm joking, but that's what life is like here. So, for the purpose of stating "activities outside" a lot of these games/activities can be played in most weather. Granted, when we have snow, we're not playing some of them. We're going down the hill in our sleds! Woo Hoo! Let's get started:

Duck, Duck, Goose:This is especially fun for larger groups of 5 or more. Have the children make a circle, with one of the children being "it". You have one children be the "one" he/she goes around the circle saying "Duck, duck, duck, duck,...." until he/she picks someone, and says Goose! That person gets up, and chases the other person who "goosed'" him/her, and becomes the next one to count. Unless that person sits down, and doesn't get caught, that person who went around the circle, has to do it over again.

Number of Players: 5 or more.

Equipment: None

Drawing With Chalk: You can be creative here. This is something that you can do by yourself, or with other people. Most of the time, I've witnessed my kids doing chalk together. Drawing pictures of themselves, mom and dad, animals they like, silly things, whatever. You can actually get the colored chalk at Walmart for really cheap, like under $3.

Number of Players: 1+

Equipment: Colored Chalk, under $3.

Going to the Beach: This may restrict some of you folks there. We don't live near the ocean, but there are a lot of different beaches, much smaller of course, to go have fun, lay out in the sun, play ball, or even go swimming. Sometimes it's nice to have buckets and shovels to make something fun when you're there.

Number of Players: As many as there are available. Parent Supervision recommended. Unless children are old enough to take care of themselves, and others, if little ones are present.

Equipment: If it's hot, a swimsuit, a cooler for nice snacks like fruit, water, crackers, cookies, chips, --try to go low on soda--it just makes you much more thirsty.

Hiking: This event, I highly suggest that there would be an older supervision here. Hiking on rocks can be fun, but can be dangerous if not paying attention to the little ones. This may be more advisable for older children. Not that younger ones can't go, but you definitely need to stay on the path, and not wander from it.

Number of Players: At least one adult for 3 smaller children. The more adults, the better.

Equipment: Good hiking boots/shoes for the amount of walking. Small children may wear out sooner, so a stroller may be highly recommended.


I think this is on the top of my kids fun things to do. They can run, jump, go on swings, go down slides, and depending on the park, they maybe able to go on ropes. This is a great idea for children to really get their "wiggles" out. It's really nice, because most towns, villages, and cities have them--EVERYWHERE, and they're free for cost!

Number of Players: One Adult per 3 children, depending on ages.

Equipment: Appropriate clothing, depending on how cold or hot it is. See "Beach" above.

Balls: Can be used for a variety of different usages: Kicking and catching. Depending on the size, weight, mass. You wouldn't want to kick a soft/hard baseball, or use a Soccer ball like a baseball--that would make the game very difficult, unless you were playing Kick Ball--which is like softball, but you "kick" the ball instead, and someone else try's to get you out.

Number of Players: 2 or more.

Equipment: Softball, baseball, soccer ball, football, beach ball.

Hopscotch: This game you would use the chalk, like said above, you would make 3 squares on top of each other, then 2, then 1, then 2, then an arch: You would hop on one foot 3 times, then 2 feet, then 1 foot, 2 feet, then hop onto #9 or Home!

Number of Players: 2 or more.

Equipment: Chalk, a blacktop to draw onto, and eagerness to succeed!

Jump Rope:In this game, you can do it all by yourself, or with others. If you have a very large jump rope you will need at least 3 players. By yourself, only 1. You just swing the "Jump Rope" around yourself, trying to make sure you don't trip on the rope. It's that simple.

Number of Players:1 to 3 or more. Depending on what kind of play you decide to go into

Hide and Seek: In this very old classic game of hide and seek, you need a bare minimum of 2 players. The more players the more fun, and challenging! One person closes his eyes/covers his/her eyes, and usually counts to at least 20 or more, whatever they decide how much to count up to. Most likely never over 30, but this game can be modified to whatever they decide beforehand. While he/she counts, the others go find a place to "Hide" and try not to be seen by the person counting. When the person succeeds in finding the "lost" person, that person found, has to be the one counting.

Number of Players: Minimum of 2, the more, the merrier!

Equipment: None, just the ability to outwit the person covering their eyes!

Bug Hunt: In this recreation, it's just to find some interesting bugs you find in your yard, your friends yard, parents, relatives, etc. Whoever finds the most interesting type bug wins the game. Because this game may have so many variations, an adult may have to make the final judgement on who wins.

Number of Players: Minimum of 2, and like Hide and Seek, the more the merrier!

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