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Read Your Kids Text Messages Online
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Read Your Kids Text Messages Online

Are you looking to read your kids text messages online? There can be a bunch of reasons to do this, first they might just have gotten the phone and are just learning right from wrong they might need a little help on the way. Another reason to read your kids text messages online could be that you want to know who they hang out with and make sure that they are using a proper language.

Read Your Kids Text Messages Online – Teenagers

We have all been there the teenage years, we all know what we were up to back then. I am sure you just like me have a few teenage incidence that you are not really that proud of. The world is tougher today, the world is more brutal. We have gone from having a face to face conversation to texting each other. Words that would never been said face to face is today texted using cell phones. I do not blame you for wanting to read your kids text messages. We want to protect what is dear to us and the top of our list is our kids.

Is your teenager keeping secrets from you, are they up to something they should not be. They might be texting their friends about it. My thought is as long as I am paying the bill, I get access to the text messages. My kids should not be texting anything they could not be honest with me about.

There are different ways you can read your kids text messages online. There is an app that you can install on the cell phone, this app lets you read your kids text messages online. This is a great way to stay updated on what is going on in your kids life.

What about the whole ethic part of reading someone elses text messages?

First of all have a good talk with your kids about text messaging. What they should and should not do as far as texting. Don`t text anything you would not say in person face to face.

Tell your kids that you will install the app and have access to their texts. Be honest and open about it, set a good example for your kids. If there has been any issues with texting in the past I am sure these two thing above will help with it. Reading your kids text messages online does not have to be difficult.

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Kids, especially teenagers, are going to have secrets from their parents. Let them have their secrets; know what's important. They're trying to gain independence from their parents, and secrets are their way of doing it. If you raised your kids right and you can trust them, you have nothing to worry about. Yes, kids will make mistakes. However, their mistakes are their own, and if you don't allow them to experience them, you're only going to harm your relationship with your children. I say let them have their secrets; when they're ready to talk to you about something they will. When they're older, they'll have fewer secrets. Don't risk your kids' trust over your obsessive need to know every detail.

  about 3 years ago

Like your article and i have mixed feeling about this. I feel we should trust our kids because we raised them right. Well that is just not the way it is anymore. Times have really changed and we need to step in to ours teensages life when we see a red flag issue. I talk all the time to my kids and they tell me things I don't want to hear but they tell me anyway. I'm a retired cop and they know I'm very protective of them and who they hang around. So I back away and watch until they dig a hole to deep that they need help getting out. Of course I will not let it get out of hand or go to far. I know they will ask for help and I then in here for them.

  about 4 years ago
leo nardo  

i think its messed up. invasion of privacy. its not going to make your kid be honest f you force the truth out... or spy on them to see what theyre not telling you about. the kid is just going to find another way to text or message to friends to where there is no way you can see any text history. and theyll close up about everything since u dont want to talk about things with them, just spy on them lookin for reasons to ground them-_-

  about 4 years ago

I would be reading for days, lol.

  about 4 years ago
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