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The Top 10 Qualifications Of A Good Babysitter
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If you are looking for a dependable babysitter, here is a list of 10 qualifications you should be looking for. If your current babysitter doesn’t have these qualifications, it may definitely be time to find a new one.

1. Love children. It may sound obvious, but it is definitely not. Some people see babysitting as a part time job to make easy money, but they don’t really like children. Find a babysitter who genuinely loves children and you will be much happier and so will your kids. Watch her when she is around your children and it will tell whether she really loves children or not.

2. Trustworthy. You are trusting your babysitter to care for your child/children and also your home. You must be able to trust her 100%.

3. Know how to keep themselves and your child/children safe. Make sure she knows exactly what to do in case of an emergency situation. Your sitter needs to be mature enough not to panic if there is an emergency.

4. Willing and able to watch and entertain your child/children and this includes playing with them. If your babysitter is not healthy enough or lack the attention span to be involved with your children in their day, you might consider looking for someone else who can.

5. Patience. A babysitter will have to handle whining and crying. If you have some reason to believe that your sitter might fly off the handle and hurt or scare your kid, don't take a chance and find better care.

6. Be able to stay calm. If an emergency happens, your babysitter must not only know what to do, but she must also remain calm and take care of your children.

7. Know first aid. There are some essential skills like care of the choking child, CPR, and wound care that every sitter should know.

8. Know who to ask for help. Sitters must know where you keep your important numbers and they should also know in what circumstances they should use them.

9. Having passed a background check. Don't take chances with your children safety. Use an online service like Sittercity to look for babysitters who have passed a background check. Parents can never be too careful whenever the safety and welfare of their children is concerned.

10. Take responsibility for your child/children’s lives. A responsible babysitter must be willing to do whatever it takes to protect the lives and welfare of your children. Otherwise, it is definitely time to look for a new sitter.

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Just she's? I was unaware that only females were able to be babysitters.

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