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Things To Consider Before Hiring A Full Time Nanny
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Nowadays, recruiting a full time nanny is really popular particularly in homes where both parents are working. Obviously, there are positive and negative sides to recruiting full-time nanny. On the good side, this enables you to give devoted care to your kids rather than the normal situation in the day care center where one adult takes care of 5 children. This too lessens the chance of your kids catching colds.

Furthermore, in case you hire a full time nanny who comes from a foreign country and speaks a different language, then you certainly make sure that your kids learn about different cultures and language.

On the negative side, you have to accept that a mere stranger will be taking care of your kids and educating them. That being said, you will most likely find a qualified and trustworthy nanny if you perform a proper screening process. Here are some advices that will help you along the way:

First, take a moment with your partner and jot down exactly what the two of you expect from a full-time nanny. Specify the number of weekly working hours, whether or not you want her to live in your house (live-in nanny), how much experience you're looking for, the specific functions you anticipate her to do, and so on.

Then make a list of questions that covers all these requirements and make sure to ask all these questions during the interview. Make copies of the list of questions to help you write down the candidates’ answers for later reference when you have to make a final decision. Moreover, be sure to ask each applicant regarding their expectations.

After you have screened applicants over the phone, the next thing is to personally interview those who have been pre-selected. It is very important to meet the candidates and introduces them to your kids in order to learn how they get along. See how they communicate with each other. It is extremely important that your child get along with their future nanny.

Just like you did before the screening procedure, you have to make a set of interview questions. The tone of the interview doesn't need to be very conventional. You can just have a conversation about the topics which are essential to you. Avoid asking questions where the applicant will simply answer either yes or no. Encourage conversation by displaying a friendly attitude.

After you have made your decision, it's important to conduct a background check to prevent unpleasant situations in the future. You want to make sure that you have hired a reliable and trustworthy nanny who will give you full satisfaction.

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